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Transfer of Insurance Business from AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd to AXA Life Insurance Singapore Private Limited

At AXA, protection is our calling. Throughout the years, AXA Singapore has been offering a wide range of life, health, property and casualty protection, as well as wealth management and retirement solutions to help customers achieve financial stability and prosperity. Today, more than a quarter of a million customers in Singapore, from individuals to established businesses, count on AXA Singapore to financially protect them, their loved ones and their future.

As a member of the AXA Group, we share a set of defined values and commitment, which drives our winning strategy to become a global leader in insurance, investment and retirement planning. Founded in early 19th century, AXA Group's 103 million customers worldwide are serviced by 166,000 employees in 64 countries. AXA Group registered revenues amounted to Euro 99.0 billion (around SGD$151 billion) and had Euro 1,363 billion (around SGD$2,089 billion) in assets under management.

Both AXA Insurance Singapore and AXA Life Insurance Singapore are part of the AXA Group and have, respectively, been serving general insurance and life insurance needs in Singapore since 1969 and 1999. AXA Life Insurance Singapore has obtained a composite insurance license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and from 1 January 2017, both AXA Insurance Singapore and AXA Life Insurance Singapore will become one and be renamed AXA Insurance Pte Ltd; providing both general and life insurance business services. This is part of our commitment to constantly redefine the standards of our business so that we truly differentiate ourselves and continue to build on the trust of our key stakeholders.

Our mission is to help customers live their lives with a greater peace of mind by protecting them, their loved ones and businesses, as well as managing their savings and investments. We have a responsibility to leverage on our skills, resources and risk expertise to contribute to a stronger and safer society. As a company whose business is protection, the consolidation of both classes of business into a single insurer will allow us to have a more comprehensive picture of our customers’ insurance needs.

To our existing policyholders, we would like to assure you that this will not change policy obligations and the services due to you. All policy benefits due to our policyholders will be honoured by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd and will remain in force as per its existing terms and expiry date.

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