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AXA Early Stage CritiCare

We have one of the best rates in town. After all we are BORN TO PROTECT. Enjoy 10% off Early Stage CritiCare or sign up together with an eligible basic AXA Life plan and enjoy 20% off Early Stage CritiCare. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions

  • This campaign is applicable for new applicants submitted from now to 30 June 2017 and the application must be incepted by AXA Insurance Private Limited by 31 July 2017.
  • Discount Table for Eligible Customers:
    Basic Plans Annual Premium Discount applicable throughout Policy Term
    a) Early Stage Criticare 10%
    b) Early Stage Criticare
    (If bought with eligible basic AXA Life plans)
  • Terms and conditions for 20% discount on the Early Stage CritiCare policy, if it is bought with eligible basic plans. Please refer to Early Stage CritiCare product brochure for more details.
    • The Early Stage CritiCare policy needs to be purchased within 12 months from the date of application of the eligible basic plans.
    • In the case where Early Stage CritiCare is submitted concurrently with a basic plan and the basic plan is not approved, Early Stage CritiCare will be offered at 10% discount.
    • If any of the eligible basic plan is lapsed within 24 months from the date of inception, the 20% discount applicable for the policy will be withdrawn and the policy will be offered to the Policyholder at 10% discount.
    • If the basic plan expires before the Early Stage CritiCare policy, the Early Stage CritiCare policy will continue at 20% discounted rate.
    • Other existing terms & conditions on the application of the policy will apply for the discount.
  • All decisions made by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd in connection with this campaign (including the interpretation of terms and conditions of this campaign) shall be final and binding on all parties participating in the campaign.
  • AXA Insurance Pte Ltd may at its sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice, withdraw or terminate this campaign or vary the terms and conditions of this campaign.