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SmartHome offers comprehensive protection for your home and the flexibility to customise your cover to suit your family needs. You can choose between protecting your household contents or the structure of your home or both, against specified perils or accidental damage/loss.

Key Benefits of Buying Home Insurance from AXA

  • 1. Safeguard against Fire or accidental damage
  • 2. 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Service
  • 3. Customised Cover to Suit Your Needs
  • Promotion: Enjoy 40% off* AXA SmartHome


Top 8 Scenarios Why You Should Buy Home Insurance

Top 8 Scenarios Why You Should Buy Home Insurance

Fire in the Kitchen!

A kitchen fire can result in damages to your oven, cooker, hood, hob, lighting, cabinets, water piping, electrical wiring and wall tiles. The estimated cost of fixing the damages could be $20,000.

Electrical Accidents:

An electrical accident can cause a short circuit and permanently damage your expensive home theatre system and other electronics.
Home insurance can cover the replacement costs of your contents without deduction for wear and tear or depreciation.

Costly Damage Incurred:

If a pipe bursts, floods your house and leaks to your neighbour’s home downstairs, you will have to pay to fix all the damages. This expense could range from $10,000- $25,000.

Ceiling Fan:

What if the ceiling fan drops and damages your laptop or personal items? Replacing the electrical sockets, ceiling fan, laptop and other items could cost anywhere from $3000 - $12,000.

Electrical Fire Accidents:

An electrical fire can damage your contents. The cost of replacing your TV, wardrobe, furniture, and other electronics can be extensive. Fire damage to fixtures, fittings and the resulting renovations can cost $100,000.


What if the pipe bursts and floods your toilet? Fixing a burst pipe and the resulting damages can cost $25,000. If the flood also damages your neighbour’s apartment you will be liable for the repairs.


Cycling carries a certain level of risk. Safeguard the risk of getting run over, falling down or hurting yourself. After all, a trip to the hospital could set you back by at least $200 and also mean time away from work or school.


If something falls and hurts your neighbour or damages their property, you would be liable for their medical expenses or repair bills. Home insurance can protect you and your family against these legal liabilities.

*Disclaimer: This depends on the severity of damage and costing is based on service provider’s quotation.

Select from one of the rooms/scenarios below to understand what risks you are undertaking at home


Insure Up to
the Full Value

Insure adequately to avoid under-insurance penalty:

  • ‘Building’ cover – up to the full cost of reinstating the structure of the insured property.
  • ‘Contents’ cover – up to the full replacement costs of the insured household goods and personal effects.

Residential Use

The insured property is to be used as a residence only.


The insured property must not be left unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days.

Flood Prone

Properties within flood prone areas are subject to underwriting consideration.


The property must be situated in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home insurance provides cover for your household items in the event of unfortunate circumstances such as fire, flooding, theft, explosions, and bursting or overflowing of water pipes or household apparatus.

HDB Flats

  • Covered by the HDB Fire Insurance, which is mandatory for flat owners with HDB loans commencing on or after 1 September 1994, for as long as the HDB loan is outstanding
  • The HDB Fire Insurance covers:
    • Cost of reinstating damaged internal structures, fixtures and fittings built and provided by HDB and/ or its approved developer
  • It does not cover:
    • Damage to any improvements, additions, fixtures and/ or fittings that you have made to your HDB flat
    • Loss of or damage to your household contents

Private Apartments and Landed Property

  • Not covered by the HDB Fire Insurance
  • If you live in a private apartment or landed property, you should purchase sufficient insurance cover for your home with a Home Insurance policy, which offers cover for:
    • Cost of reinstating damaged internal structures, fixtures and fittings built and provided by HDB and/ or its approved developer
    • Damage to improvements, additions, fixtures and/ or fittings that you have made to your HDB flat
    • Loss of or damage to your household contents

Home Owner/ Co-Owner

  • Owns the home
  • Can purchase Building benefit (refer to Q5)
  • Named in the policy as mortgagor


  • Does not own the home
  • Can only purchase cover for what he owns, e.g. his contents and personal belongings (refer to Q5)

AXA offers 3 types of Home Insurance products, as follows:

ProductBasis Of CoverHow Does This Cover Work?
SmartHome Essential Insured Perils
  • Covers loss and damage caused by specifically named perils, such as:
    • Fire, lightning or explosion
    • Theft by forcible and violent entry
    • Flood
    • Malicious damage
    • Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tank, piping, washing machine or water mains within the insured property (but excluding damage to the items themselves)
    • Impact by road vehicles or aerial devices
    • Strike, riot or civil commotion
SmartHome Optimum

SmartHome Prestige
All Risks
  • Covers loss and damage from all causes that are not specifically excluded in the policy

Our Home Insurance products offer a wide range of benefits to protect your home – the key benefits are as outlined below:

BenefitBenefit What Does This Benefit Cover?
  • For HDB homes: Internal building structures, fixtures and fittings, as provided by HDB and/ or its approved developer
  • For Private homes: Building structure of the apartment or landed property that you own (including any garages, gardens, gates & fences situated within the landed property premises)
Fixtures, Fittings & Renovation
  • Loss of or damage to improvements (such as renovations) and additional fixtures and/ or fittings that you made to your home, such as flooring and built-in cabinet
Household Contents
  • Loss of or damage to any movable items in your home belonging to you, your family or your domestic helpers or for which you are responsible, excluding:
    • Motor vehicles and their accessories
    • Pets
    • Contact Lenses
    • Fixtures, fittings and renovation
    • Any Documents
    • Business goods
Worldwide Personal Liability
  • Your legal liability (including that of your family or domestic helpers) as a result of any accidental bodily injury or death caused to third parties and/or accidental damage to their property
    For example, a visitor to your home slips and falls on the slippery floor of your bathroom, and sues you for a fractured hip. In such a case, the Personal Liability benefit will cover the cost of the medical bills, as well as your legal defence fees, up to the limit of your liability coverage
  • Personal liability coverage may also be able to cover an incident that occurs outside your home or property, e.g. when a flower pot drops from your apartment and hits a passer-by walking past on the ground floor

To ensure that you can enjoy a cover that best suits your needs, each product comes with a range of plan types with different coverage levels for the various benefits. You can also further customise your plan by selecting from a range of add-on benefits.

BenefitHow Much Should I Insure For This Benefit?
  • Based on the total rebuilding cost of your home (this may not be the price at which you bought your home)
    • To estimate this cost, you can refer to the replacement cost table for Private Residential Developments available at
    • This estimates the replacement cost of your property based on the gross floor area and the type of development of your property (such as different types of condominiums and landed properties)
Household Contents
  • Based on the replacement value of the items to be insured, as at the time of the start of the policy

To determine whether you should purchase a Home Insurance policy from us, it is useful to note the differences in home insurance for HDB flats, private apartments and landed property, as outlined in Q2.

Inform us of your move at least 2 weeks ahead. The policy covering your old home will be replaced with a new policy covering the new home.

Yes, but subject to the following:

  1. Give us 7 days’ notice in writing
  2. Pro-rated refund of the premium paid corresponding to the unexpired period of insurance will be provided to you, subject to a minimum premium of $53.50 (inclusive of GST)
  3. No claims were made during that policy year

Apply for SmartHome or submit your enquiries:

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To apply for our product, please fill up this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
For general enquiries, please click here. For claim enquiries, please click here.

Alternatively, you can call us at:
1800 880 4888 (Within Singapore)
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Other solutions that
might fit your needs

Other solutions that might fit your needs

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Important Notice

This insurance plan is underwritten by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd. The information featured in this website is published for general information only and is not a contract of insurance. The precise terms and conditions of the plan are specified in the policy contract. A product summary for the insurance plan is available and may be obtained from AXA Insurance Pte Ltd and the participating distributors' offices. You should read the product summary before deciding whether to purchase the plan.

You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before making a commitment to purchase the insurance plan. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the plan in question is suitable for you.

The insurance plans featured in this website may be protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme, which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for such plans are automatic and no further action is required from you should you buy the plan. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please visit the AXA website at or visit the LIA, GIA or SDIC websites (, or for a copy of the SDIC Guide on PPF Scheme.

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