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AXA Enhanced Care

In accordance with the new guidelines announced on 7 March 2018 by Ministry of Health (MOH), all Integrated Shield Plan (IP) insurers are to incorporate co-payment features into their IP riders. As such, AXA has launched a new co-pay rider, AXA Enhanced Care, to help customers better manage their medical costs and ensure premiums remain affordable in the long run.

AXA Enhanced Care will be available on 1 April 2019 as a rider for all AXA Shield Plans – A, B and Standard plans. AXA Basic Care, AXA General Care and AXA Home Care will no longer be offered as riders for new customers.

Overview of AXA Enhanced Care Coverage

All the Deductible and Co-insurance amounts under AXA Shield is covered, but subject to the Deductible, Co-insurance and Co-payment Cap under AXA Enhanced Care.

Treatments Co-payment Co-payment Cap*
(per policy year)
(per policy year)
(per claim)
NON-PANEL SPECIALISTS $1,500 5% Not Applicable

*Co-payment cap refers to the maximum out-of-pocket that an individual has to fork out in a policy year before claim is admissible.

AXA Enhanced Care covers the following benefits, subject to different limits for Plan A, B and Standard Plan:

  • Planned Overseas Medical Treatment
  • Emergency Outpatient Treatment due to Accident
  • Fractures, Dislocations and Sports Injuries
  • Dengue, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Food Poisoning
  • Ambulance Charges/Taxi Charges
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Accommodation Charges for Immediate Family

AXA takes care of your complete healthcare journey

Click here to learn more about our Panel and LOG service.


Visit a General Practitioner (GP) Panel

  • S$10 consultation fee per visit
  • Over 380 GP clinics in Singapore


Visit a Specialist (SP) Panel and Request for LOG

  • S$100 standard consultation fee per visit
  • S$70 follow-up standard consultation fee per visit
  • Over 290 medical specialist clinics across various specialities


Hospitalisation with Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

  • Up to S$1 million (for panel specialist and subject to pre-authorisation of your medical conditions)


Seek Post-hospitalisation Cover

  • 365 days of post-hospitalisation coverage