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MyAXA provides easy access to AXA policy information, emergency contacts, information about clinics and motor workshops. It also enables users to make requests through e-Services to:

  1. Update Mailing address and alternative contact number
  2. Change Payment mode and frequency
  3. Perform fund switching for investment linked policies

If you are not logged in to MyAXA, you are still able to access the Claim Declaration and Emergency Contacts function.

You can access via or via the mobile app MyAXA app:
1. Click on the "Register now" button found at the log in section of the portal.
2. Enter your NRIC/ID number.
3. Set a password for your account.
4. Check the checkbox to validate reCaptcha.
5. Click on the "Validate" button.
6. Type in the OTP code sent to you via SMS and Click on the "Send" button.
Once you have registered, you can login here using the "Sign-In" button.
Change my Password
1. Click on "Reset now" found at the login section of the portal.
2. Enter your NRIC/ID for validation.
3. Click on the "Validate" button.
4. Type in the OTP code sent to you via SMS and Click on the "Validate" button.
5. Set your new password.
Sign in
After you have registered successfully, you may proceed to the login page.
To sign in, please follow these steps:
1. Go to:
2. Enter the NRIC/ID and the password you have for this account.
3. Click on the "Sign in" button.
4. Type in the OTP code sent to you via SMS and Click on the "Send" button.
5. You will then be re-directed to the dashboard page of MyAXA.
There may be several factors preventing you from logging in. Please refer below for a list of possible scenarios and follow the recommendations accordingly.

There are 7 different universe environments in MyAXA. Each universe is unique and has different features as stated below. Scroll to the relevant policy universe and click in to access. You can see most of your personal policies on MyAXA. If one of your policies does not appear on MyAXA, please call the customer care hotline at 1800 880 4888

Life Protection
  • Policy Information
  • Articles
Savings & Investment
  • Policy Information
  • Articles
Health Insurance
  • Policy Information
  • Articles

Travel Insurance
  • Policy Information
  • Travel Tips
  • Buy Travel Insurance
Car Insurance
  • Policy Information
  • Articles
Home Insurance
  • Policy Information
Personal Accident
  • Policy Information
Total Account Value
This reflects your total account value & shows the relevant in-force policies you have.
My Savings
This shows your Policy information, status, expiry date, premium.
My Transaction History
This shows your Transaction History, date of transaction and relevant fees and charges.
My Funds Allocation
This reflects your fund allocation and the respective funds, units and allocation percentage.
My Premium Reallocation
This shows your Policy information, status, expiry date, premium.
My Fund Details
This shows the value of your fund details.
Insured Details
This shows the policy owner and the life assured covered.
My Benefits
This shows the policy premium amount, status, payment frequency, sum asssured, commencement date & expiry date.
Yes. The following are available per Line of Business:

Life Insurance
  • Update Contact Details
  • Update Address
  • Change of Payment Frequency or Method
  • Fund Switching
    General Insurance
    • Update Contact Details
    • Update Address
    • Buy Travel insurance

    Step 1:
    From the 'Home' screen, tap on 'Profile' icon on the bottom menu bar.
    Step 2:
    Tap on 'Update my personal info'.
    Step 3:
    • To change your contact details, tap on 'Update Contact Details'.
    • To change your address, tap on 'Update Address'.

    Step 1:
    From the 'Policy Summary' screen, tap on the Policy you wish to provide enquiries and feedback.
    Step 2:
    Scroll down and tap on 'My e-Services'.
    Step 3:
    Tap on 'Enquiry/Feedback'.

    1. View your Shield plan E-card for Shield plans – this can be used for processing the Letter of Guarantees (available only in Mobile app version)
    2. Locate workshops – find Motor workshops (only in Mobile app version)
    3. Locate clinics – easily locate accredited clinics for Health Insurance policies (only in Mobile App version)
    4. My reminders – reminders to help you not forget your next premium due date, expiry date etc..
    5. My Contacts – conveniently find contact information of your AXA servicing agents or AXA’s customer care hotlines.
    6. Total Account Value – view your aggregate account value for all In Force investment-linked policies
    7. Useful tools / information – quick links we thought might come in handy for you!
    8. View Claims Status for your own damage Motor Claims
      If you are still facing any difficulty, please contact the following: