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Working Towards a Healthier Singapore: AXA Insurance Announces Burpees For Good Challenge 

October 09, 2017 |

AXA Insurance announces the launch of the Burpees For Good Challenge, a crowd-sourced movement that encourages Singaporeans to do good while getting active. The challenge is open to all and participants are encouraged to do as many burpees as they can. With every 10 burpees completed, one dollar will be donated to SportCares Foundation, an organisation that uses sport for social good.

The hustle and bustle of city living makes it challenging for most Singaporeans to balance a healthy lifestyle with life’s various commitments. In an ideal world, everybody would wake up for their morning runs eager to kick-start their days, while maintaining a good diet and hydrating regularly. But more often than not, maintaining such discipline to keep up a healthy lifestyle can get challenging – most people will slip up, get distracted and neglect what they had set out to do. 

With the AXA Burpees For Good Challenge, AXA Insurance aims to raise awareness on the importance of taking small steps to stay healthy. As the health partner to the community, AXA aims to motivate Singaporeans from all walks of life to start getting active because it is never too late to get healthy.  

AXA Burpees For Good Challenge

As a prelude to the Burpees For Good Challenge, AXA has embarked on a social media campaign to raise awareness of the various habits that lead to unhealthy lifestyles. Habits such as late night binge- watching, caving in to the temptations for delicious food and not committing to a workout plan have been highlighted to raise awareness on the various lifestyle choices that plague Singaporeans. 

While it is good to be aware of unhealthy habits, it is even more crucial for Singaporeans to start taking immediate steps towards making lifestyle changes. For this reason, the AXA Burpees For Good Challenge was launched as a simple and easy way for all to start getting active while reminding everyone that it is never too late to start working their way back to good health

Touted as one of the most effective and demanding exercises, the burpee is a full body exercise that can be tailored to any fitness level. The AXA Burpees For Good Challenge can be completed anytime, anywhere so participants can easily take part and help make a difference to the lives of others. 

The public can upload videos of themselves doing burpees onto social media with the hashtags #NeverTooLate and #AXABurpeesForGood to take part in this challenge. AXA will be tracking the numbers of burpees completed by users through the hashtags and for every 10 burpees completed, AXA Insurance will donate one dollar to SportCares Foundation which works to improve the lives of low income and at-risk youth, needy seniors, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities and the disadvantaged in Singapore. The partnership with SportCares Foundation is a demonstration of AXA’s commitment to ensure that the underprivileged and the disadvantaged are not left behind in this journey towards a healthier life. 

Steps to Participate in Burpees For Good Challenge: 

  1. Take a video of yourself doing Burpees anytime, anywhere!
  2. Post the video up on your public Instagram / Facebook profile with the hashtags #NeverTooLate and #AXABurpeesForGood

Anyone, regardless of nationality or physical location, is encouraged to take part in the AXA Burpees For Good Challenge, which will run from 9 October to 22 October 2017. During which, AXA Insurance will be monitoring the burpee counts through the campaign hashtags to tabulate how much participants have contributed at the end of the challenge. 

“The best insurance against any illness is a heathy lifestyle and we are proud to launch the AXA Burpees For Good Challenge, getting everyone involved in developing healthy lifestyle habits while contributing positively to the community,” said Mr Jean Drouffe, CEO of AXA Insurance. “As the health partner to our customers and the community, this is just the first of many initiatives that AXA is undertaking to help build a healthier and fitter Singapore.” 

Aligned to the Health Promotion Board’s call for Singaporeans to lead healthy and active lifestyles, AXA envisions the Burpees For Good Challenge to be a fun way for everyone to start improving their physical and mental health while helping make a difference to those in need. 

Mr. Kerk Kim Por, Director, SportCares Foundation said “SportCares is extremely delighted to be chosen as AXA Insurance’s partner for the Burpees for Good Challenge.  As seen through the Challenge, AXA Insurance is taking lead in community collaboration, with sports being the driving force to inspire positive change.  It is a privilege to partner a corporation who shares our commitment to champion the use of sport as a vehicle to change the lives of the disadvantaged and strengthen our communities.  The funds raised from the Burpees for Good Challenge will certainly go a long way to meet the needs of the vulnerable communities that SportCares serves.”