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AXA launches third and biggest wave of Born To Protect Campaign, The AXA Mobile Safety Project

November 17, 2016 |

AXA Singapore today launched the third and biggest wave of its global Born To Protect campaign – The AXA Mobile Safety Project, right at the heart of Orchard Road. The campaign is the first in Singapore to deploy an interactive out-of-home installation powered by Tri-Clops technology and artificial intelligence to raise awareness on the potential dangers of negligent mobile phone use. 

“Smart phones are ubiquitous in a Smart Nation like Singapore, but this has also given rise to ‘phone zombies’ – people who are constantly glued to their mobile screens, unaware of their surroundings. There is a real danger of accidents occurring as a result of negligent mobile usage,” said Leo Costes, Managing Director, General Insurance, AXA Insurance Singapore. “With this campaign, we aim to encourage responsible mobile usage by highlighting how failure to do so endangers not just the user, but also the people around him.”

As part of the campaign, AXA will be running for the first time, an interactive out-of-home installation using Tri-Clops technology and artificial intelligence. Developed by a team of scientists and experts in real time animation and the 3D gaming, this is the first time this technology is deployed here in Singapore.
Located at Orchard Road’s media hub wall which links Orchard MRT to Ion Shopping Mall, members of the public can look forward to interacting with real-time animations that are activated when someone walks past the screen. The screen mirrors the pedestrians’ movements before dramatizing scenarios to deliver the campaign message. The light-hearted scenarios feature ‘phone zombies’ in various dangerous situations, such as heading into fire, being chased by bees after knocking into a beehive, and walking into a lamp post. 

The interactive installation is nestled in an AXA Born To Protect zone, an area that has been transformed with sound, imagery and messaging to reach out to people walking through the high traffic walkway. For ‘phone zombies’ glued to their phones, messages have been placed strategically on the ground to remind them to stay safe. Static walls are also overlaid with additional scenarios to reinforce the message of responsible mobile usage.

Speaking about AXA Singapore’s unwavering commitment to customer protection, Mr. Costes remarked, “Given the changing needs in today’s fast-paced environment, we need to think out of the box to find new ways to engage with our consumers. Through this interactive campaign, we are deploying the latest innovations in audience engagement to encourage Singaporeans to pay more attention to their mobile use and their surroundings. At AXA, we are firmly committed to protecting our customers and this interactive campaign is one such example as we encourage people to view safety as a number one priority, not just for themselves but for the people around them.”

The third installment of the Born To Protect campaign will run from Orchard MRT to ION Orchard, educating and entertaining the public from 17 till 30 November 2016.