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AXA Insurance to maintain bonus rates despite challenging investment climate in 2018

May 15, 2019 |

AXA Insurance has announced that it will maintain bonus rates for its participating policies, and will pay out S$15.5 million in participating (par) fund bonuses.

Sean Goh, Managing Director, Life, AXA Insurance said, ”AXA adopts a long-term approach in managing the investment portfolio for the par fund. It is our objective to provide stable medium to long-term returns to our policyholders. Thanks to our strategic asset allocation across equities and bonds, we have been able to outperform the industry average in recent years and we are confident that we can continue to provide stable returns for our customers in the years to come.”

Premiums collected on par policies are pooled together and invested collectively on behalf of policyholders in a mix of equities and fixed income securities. Surpluses, net of claims and expenses, are distributed in the form of bonuses. AXA chooses a wide range of investments carefully, across different asset classes relying on experienced fund managers, to provide a balance between adequate long-term returns and prudent risk management.

Backed by the scale and strong financial expertise of the AXA Group, AXA Insurance has global and diversified access to private markets that can offer higher returns as part of a longer term strategy. As such, AXA’s par fund has been among the top three performers since 2016, and its par policies are viewed as an attractive financial option in the insurance market to meet the life protection and savings needs of Singaporeans.

AXA’s announcement comes despite muted par fund performance in 2018 compared to the previous year due to a sharp price correction across equity markets amid escalation in the US-China trade dispute and reduced monetary stimulus from central banks. Disappointing growth of the global economy, particularly in the second half of the year, resulting in the worst annual performance of global stocks since 2008 also impacted the funds’ investment performance.

AXA’s participating fund is expected to stay resilient in the face of anticipated moderation in global growth and potential market volatility in 2019 that may affect investment returns in the short-term. Goh added, “We are committed to maximising our customers’ returns while managing their investments prudently with a strategy focused on diversification and risk control. Backed by our strong financial standing and our professional fund managers, we aim to maintain a robust investment portfolio that helps everyone to achieve the long-term objectives of their investments.”

For more information, AXA customers may call their financial consultants or call us at 1800 880 4888. AXA can also be reached via email at customer.care@axa.com.sg. Alternatively, more information is available in LIA’s guide (Your Guide to Participating Policies) at www.lia.org.sg.


AXA Insurance is part of the AXA group, a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, and the world’s leading insurance brand for the tenth consecutive year, with 171,000 employees serving 105 million clients in 61 countries. Present in Singapore since 1969, AXA Insurance has been serving the general and life insurance needs of individuals and companies in Singapore through a wide range of innovative products. As one of the top global insurers in Singapore, AXA Insurance protects more than a third of a million customers in Singapore. As a company whose business is about protecting people, AXA Insurance is committed to building a stronger and safer society by empowering customers to live better lives.

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