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AXA Insurance Launches New Affordable and Comprehensive Co-pay Rider

February 01, 2019 |

AXA Insurance announced today that it will be introducing a new co-pay rider, AXA Enhanced Care, for its AXA Shield Plan that is designed to provide comprehensive end-to-end coverage at affordable prices. This is in accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to incorporate co-payment features in new Integrated Shield Plan (IP) riders, as announced on 7 March last year.  

Available from 1 April 2019, AXA Enhanced Care has one of the most competitive co-payment features in the market that will offer superior value to customers. With the new rider, policyholders will have to co-pay only 5% of the claimable amount, which is the minimum co-payment mandated by MOH for hospitalisation bills. In addition to having zero deductibles when seeking treatments at the AXA Panel of Specialists, as well as at restructured and community hospitals, there is a co-payment cap of $3,000 per policy year to protect policyholders from the impact of large hospitalisation bills. On top of that, policyholders have the added assurance that they can receive up to 365 days of post-hospitalisation coverage.

To meet customers’ desire for a more comprehensive insurance offering, AXA has streamlined the benefits of the current AXA Basic Care and AXA General Care full riders into a single AXA Enhanced Care rider. With a simplified rider structure, customers will be able to easily understand the benefits offered. Besides ensuring that large hospital bills are taken care of, AXA has kept premiums for AXA Enhanced Care affordable. Premiums will be 28% to 54% cheaper than the existing AXA Basic Care and AXA General Care riders for the majority of customers.

“Our new co-pay rider, AXA Enhanced Care, is designed to provide well-rounded healthcare coverage and benefits that is accessible and affordable for Singaporeans. We have kept it simple by offering only one rider with one of the most comprehensive benefits in the market. In line with our commitment to be a partner to our customers, the rider not only protects them against large medical bills, but also covers their pre-and post-hospitalisation needs for greater peace of mind when they need it most,” said Sean Goh, Managing Director, Life, AXA Insurance.

Beyond the standard hospitalisation coverage, the new rider also includes outpatient coverage for fractures, dislocations, sports injuries, dengue, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) and food poisoning. In addition, policyholders can enjoy a suite of exclusive benefits and value-added services:

  • Access to a panel of over 340 GP clinics (an industry first offering amongst IP insurers) with a large pool of trusted and qualified medical professionals across Singapore, where they are entitled to a preferential fixed consultant rate of S$12 per visit.
  • Access to a panel of over 400 Specialist clinics, where they can enjoy lower consultation rates with the added assurance that they will receive appropriate and high quality healthcare at reasonable costs.
  • Letter of Guarantee (LOG) limits for hospitalisation bills that can guarantee up to the policy annual limits (for example, S$1 million for Plan A) if referred through the AXA Shield Panel of Specialists. Policyholders can request for a LOG prior to hospitalisation or day surgery with these panel specialists which have e-filing facilities to e-file the bill to AXA. Once the LOG is approved by AXA, they will have peace of mind knowing that they will not only receive waiver of the upfront cash deposit required upon admission, but their medical expenses will be covered by AXA.
  • Access to a 24/7 AXA Shield LOG hotline, for added convenience and flexibility of receiving assistance whenever required, whether it’s to make a query on LOG, to fix an appointment to see a panel specialist, or to arrange for a LOG.
  • To enjoy the full range of benefits, policyholders will simply have to present their AXA Shield E-Card at panel clinics. The E-Card, available in the MyAXA application on their phone for ease and convenience, also entitles them to discounts at a range of health and lifestyle merchants.

For more information on AXA Enhanced Care, please visit https://www.axa.com.sg/our-solutions/personal/health/axa-shield/axa-enhanced-care.


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