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AXA Insurance Launches #BetterMe by AXA, a Customisable and Holistic Employee Benefits Programme for a Healthier and More Productive Workforce

October 15, 2020 |

AXA Insurance has launched #BetterMe by AXA, an employee benefits offering designed to empower employers to meet the diverse needs of their multi-generational workforce, and to cultivate more engaged and productive employees who will drive their organisation forward.  

#BetterMe by AXA allows companies to provide employees insurance coverage that can be customised according to their individual needs, as well as comprehensive benefits including a suite of health and wellness services beyond traditional insurance protection.  

Julien Callard, Managing Director, Retail & Health, AXA Insurance said the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed workplaces, regardless of size or industry, and put employee benefits in a new spotlight as this is a time when employees are most looking for support.  

“More employers today are recognising the value of putting their people first, which can contribute to positive outcomes such as better overall health and well-being of their employees, employee loyalty, increased engagement and enhanced productivity. #BetterMe by AXA is our commitment to support employers in meeting the evolving needs of their employees and nurturing a stronger and more resilient workforce.” 

Understanding employees’ expectations of benefits 

There has never been a better time for organisations to invest in their most valuable asset, their employees, and this can start with an understanding of what their employees want from their employee benefits package.  

A study by AXA found that limited coverage was the biggest area of dissatisfaction for employees when it comes to their company’s health insurance plans. 36% of the respondents were unhappy about the level of coverage in the benefits they receive. Additionally, the study also revealed that employees of different age groups prioritise different benefits depending on the stage of their life journey. 

“We understand that a diverse workforce has varying expectations and needs, and companies today require more than a one-size-fits-all solution. #BetterMe by AXA goes beyond offering employers the ability to choose coverage that caters to employees, to even letting employees have an added layer of customisation where they can choose to enhance their level of coverage for themselves and even their dependents or add on new benefits for greater protection. More than that, it also addresses employee well-being holistically with the wellness services and solutions available,” added Callard. 

Here’s an overview of what companies and their employees will get with #BetterMe by AXA:  

  • A customisable and holistic employee benefits programme:  

Companies and employees can customise the coverage and benefits of their corporate plan based on factors such as their needs and budget, in a few simple steps:  

  1. Company’s HR selects a base plan with options for hospitalisation and term life insurance, followed by optional add-on coverage and supplementary services. 

  2. Employees will then have the option of enhancing their company-provided insurance plan by increasing the level of coverage or adding on new coverage, such as critical illness insurance, personal accident insurance, general practitioner coverage, specialist coverage, and dental coverage. Employees will soon have the option to purchase extended coverage for their dependents too.  

They can also choose to add on supplementary services that are available in partnership with best-in-class partners: telehealth provider Doctor Anywhere for convenient access to quality care via video consultations and a dedicated Chronic Disease Management Programme for suitable candidates, global fitness and wellness aggregator ClassPass for an unmatched variety of fitness and wellness experiences, and digital therapeutics firm Naluri for health coaching and mental wellness support.  

  • Dedicated support for onboarding and staff engagement:  

Companies can receive dedicated support from AXA Ambassadors who will assist HR managers in onboarding their employees for all services in the #BetterMe by AXA programme. According to the AXA study, 37% of employees were unsure of the health insurance coverage and benefits provided by their employer, and AXA hopes to address this gap with the support it is offering to companies who come onboard the programme.  

AXA will also partner companies to engage their employees through on-site events in a variety of formats and topics, ranging from financial wellness and health talks to coaching programmes for professional development and networking events. 

  • Convenient access to information and services through digital tools: 

Companies can expect reduced administrative work and increased efficiency as they will be able to conveniently access and manage their employees’ insurance policies and a range of services via a one-stop HR portal. The digital platform will also allow for greater visibility and easier tracking of insurance claims and payments in a second rollout before the end of the year. 

Employees too can enjoy greater convenience with policy information available at their fingertips via the MyAXA app and portal, including personal policies they may have with AXA. They can also look forward to being able to enjoy greater integration of wellness services into the app in future updates of MyAXA . 

AXA will continue to expand the range of services offered under the #BetterMe by AXA programme. 

As part of the launch, AXA has also unveiled a short promotional film, titled “The Employee Roundtable”, which is set in an office boardroom and follows a diverse group of employees as they each share suggestions on the types of employee benefits they would value most individually.  

For more information on #BetterMe by AXA, please visit axa.com.sg/employee-health-benefits/better-me-by-axa

To view the short film, please visit bit.ly/BetterMebyAXA


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