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AXA Insurance Launches AXA Wealth Treasure for Maximum Wealth Accumulation

January 10, 2018 |

AXA Insurance announces the new AXA Wealth Treasure, a whole life investment-linked insurance plan that is designed to help young working professionals build their wealth quickly while providing protection for them and their loved ones. AXA Wealth Treasure was designed to maximise wealth accumulation, featuring a superior start-up bonus of up to 100% of first-year premium and a special loyalty bonus of 1% per annum of the account value from the sixth policy year onward.    

Investing for the future and providing protection for loved ones is a common goal for most Singaporeans, especially fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce. With the new AXA Wealth Treasure, individuals will be able to maximise their long-term wealth accumulation goals.  

AXA Wealth Treasure offers customers a generous Start-up Bonus of up to 100% of the first year premium to boost their investment right from the start – for each dollar that the policyholder invests, AXA will put up to one dollar to match that investment to help them reach their investment goals faster. The plan also rewards policyholders for long-term investments by giving them a loyalty bonus of 1% per annum of their account value from the sixth policy year onwards. 

Recognising that every individual has different needs and priorities when it comes to wealth accumulation, AXA Wealth Treasure also offers policyholders with the flexibility to pay their premiums over any period, from five to thirty years. On top of that, policyholders can choose to invest in SGD or USD and have the option to withdraw part of their investment from the sixth policy year onward.     
“Low-interest rate and rising costs of living as a result of inflation make it challenging for people to grow their wealth and plan for the future. It is with this in mind that we launch AXA Wealth Treasure, a solution that addresses the evolving demands of our customers, rewarding them for investing with us for the long term.” Said Neil Frith Managing Director, Life Insurance, AXA Insurance. “With AXA Wealth Treasure, young working professionals will now gain access to one of the most affordable plans in the market with low policy charges, best in class start-up and loyalty bonuses, while enjoying coverage that protects them and their loved ones.”  

Affordable and rewarding long-term investment solution

Designed to help young working professionals take advantage of the compounding effect through the cultivation of healthy financial discipline, AXA Wealth Treasure consists of the following benefits:

  1. Start-up bonus: Customers will receive a Start-up bonus of up to 100% of their first-year premium to increase their investment foundation and build their investments. For every dollar a customer invests in their regular premium account for the first year, AXA Insurance will match up to S$1 to help speed up their financial achievements. 
  2. Loyalty Bonus: Customers can stay invested with AXA Insurance and enjoy a Loyalty Bonus that rewards them with 1% of their account value every year, from the 6th policy year onwards. 
  3. Flexible premium payment: Customers can choose to pay their premiums over any period, from 5 to 30 years and can also choose to invest in SGD or USD with a minimum monthly premium of just S$300 
  4. Liquidity options: Customers can fast-track their investment by adding recurring single premium and/or top-ups to their investments at any time. They can also enjoy cash from their investment through ad hoc withdrawals or regular withdrawals after the payment is complete.  
  5. Diverse funds: The plan consists of close to 100 unique diversified ranges of investment-linked funds including access to accredited investor funds whereby customers are able to select from varying industries and geographical sectors. 
  6. Protection: AXA Wealth Treasure includes coverage against unexpected death, with two Death Benefit Options and terminal illness. In addition, the free Life Replacement Option allows the customer to replace the life assured with their spouse or child, as a way to leave their legacy.

For customers with short-term investing goals, the AXA Pulsar offers similar benefits as AXA Wealth Treasure but with a shorter lock-in premium period of 18 months, as compared to AXA Wealth Treasure’s five years.