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AXA Announces Partnership with SATS to Enhance Millennials’ Travel Experience

August 11, 2017 |

AXA Insurance announced today a first-of-its-kind partnership with SATS Ltd. (SATS), Asia’s leading provider of Gateway Services and Food Solutions, to deliver travel protection solutions seamlessly through SATS’ Ready to Travel app. Supported by AXA’s expertise in the digital insurance space, Ready to Travel is the first Singapore-made trip planning app that features the sales of travel insurance. 

SATS’ Ready To Travel app was created with millennial travellers in mind, serving as a mobile concierge that provides users with contextualised information and services to enhance their travel experience. As part of its core service, the option for users to get protection for their trip has been integrated into the app, so they can get travel with a greater peace of mind.

“By providing users of Ready To Travel with a simple, direct way of getting insurance coverage during their trip planning phase, we complement their digital user experience by being present exactly where and when they need us,” said Leo Costes, Managing Director, General Insurance, AXA Insurance. “Through our partnership with SATS, we are setting a new standard in the digital insurance space, delivering travel protection solutions seamlessly so millennial travellers can focus on what matters most to them – their trip experience.”
Besides the delivery of travel insurance, AXA is also working with SATS to incorporate a fully automated flight and baggage delay claims process into Ready To Travel. The deep integration of AXA’s API platform and technology will allow the insurer to automatically check for flight and baggage delays against users’ policy conditions. If a delay that fulfils a user’s policy condition is triggered, AXA will make an automated payment to the user without the need for claims submission. The near instantaneous nature of this process means that users can be compensated even before they arrive at their destination. This feature is slated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2017 and puts AXA in a unique position as the first insurer to fully embed end to end travel solutions into a travel app. 

The partnership between AXA and SATS marks the first time both organisations have come together to enhance the travel experience of travellers. By adopting a digital first approach, the partnership sets a new standard for the insurance industry by completely harmonising the customer experiences for both organisations. 

Alex Hungate, SATS President and Chief Execution officer, said “We are pleased to partner AXA to offer travel insurance as one of the services available on Ready To Travel mobile travel concierge.  It will enable a seamless and hassle-free travel experience for users of the app.”

The Ready to Travel app will be officially launched at the NATAS Fair and will be available for downloads from 11th August 2017.