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Almost Half of Drivers Feel Less Safe on Singapore's Roads Compared to 3 Years Ago: AXA Mobility Survey 2018

November 26, 2018 |

AXA Insurance today reveals the insights from its research into the behaviours and experiences of road users in Singapore. The way we travel around Singapore has changed over the last few years. New mobility devices like e-scooters and other personal mobility devices (PMDs) have grown in popularity and are being used by Singaporeans from all walks of life. At the same time, the Singapore government’s push to reduce reliance on cars has been supported by technological developments and the rise of the sharing economy. These new developments have changed the way we travel around Singapore.

In this changing landscape, the AXA Mobility Survey 2018 was conducted to understand public sentiment, perceptions of road safety, and in particular, opinions regarding more vulnerable road users like the elderly. It was expanded from the last study conducted in 2015 to include additional road user groups such as private-hire drivers, bike-sharers and PMD users.

To make roads a safer place for everyone, AXA has also launched Give Data Back, an interactive website that identifies accident hot spots in Singapore and aims to help people better understand their risks on the road. An industry first for Singapore, it leverages three years of AXA claims data and official road traffic accident statistics. The Give Data Back website provides data including the main indicators of risks  – such as frequency of occurrence and the average cost of a motor accident claim – and also shares tips on how to stay safe on the road.

“Roads can present many risks, and AXA believes that lives can be saved through risk prevention and education. Promoting safe driving and responsibility on the roads is important to AXA. Since our last survey conducted in 2015, Singapore’s mobility landscape has evolved, and this is why we have expanded our latest study to uncover the behaviours of new road user groups and to understand how we can make roads safer for everyone,” said Leo Costes, Managing Director, Retail, and Chief Customer Officer, AXA Insurance.

“The findings from the AXA Mobility Survey 2018 draw attention to specific areas where we, together with the community, can curb risky road behaviours in Singapore. By sharing our insights and data with the larger society, we hope to not only encourage safer road habits but also to help people to understand the real risks on the road. In so doing, we are carrying out our purpose of empowering people to live better lives,” he added.

Key findings of the AXA Mobility Survey 2018:

Roads and transport safety: More attention can be given to curtail risky road behaviours in Singapore

  • While 81% of drivers surveyed think that Singapore’s roads are “quite safe” or ” very safe”, almost half (48%) feel less safe driving in Singapore today compared to three years ago. This is despite the decline in the number of fatal road accidents (-20%) and accidents resulting in injuries (-4%) from 2015 to 2017, as reported by the Singapore Police Force.
  • The presence of more aggressive drivers (72%), more non-drivers (such as PMD users and cyclists) on the road (70%), and a growing number of private-hire vehicles (57%) are the key reasons for the perceived decline in road safety among drivers.
  • Risky road behaviours are commonly committed by drivers with over 60% admitting to engaging in at least one such behaviour in the first quarter of 2018. One in four admit to going through an amber light (29%), driving at more than 10km/hour above the speed limit (25%) and not coming to a complete stop at zebra crossings (25%).

Future of mobility: Newer developments are welcome, but safety concerns and errant user behaviour should be addressed for more widespread acceptance

  • Half of the survey respondents (55%) view the increased number of PMDs and bicycles positively. 74% acknowledge that they make commuting easier, 60% believe that they add to Singaporeans’ health and well-being due to increased physical activity, and 38% think they make roads less congested. However, many are also concerned about the potential risks, with around three in four saying that they make sidewalks more dangerous (78%), more congested (77%), and contribute to more accidents (72%).
  • When asked about the introduction of ride-sharing services in Singapore, a large majority of those surveyed welcome it (80%), because it makes commuting easier (86%) and reduces congestion on the roads (30%). However, close to one in two also think it contributes to road accidents (48%) and makes commuting less safe (45%).

Elderly spotlight: Elderly pedestrians are a vulnerable group that deserves more attention

  • Those surveyed believe that an increase in reckless driving (54%) and jaywalking (44%) are contributing to accidents involving elderly pedestrians. According to the Mid-Year Traffic Situation Report 2018 by the Singapore Police Force, 40% of all accidents involving elderly pedestrians in the first half of 2018 were due to jaywalking.
  • To address the problem of elderly pedestrian accidents, most respondents support the development of elderly-friendly infrastructure - such as more senior-friendly road safety features (58%) and road crossings designed with the elderly in mind (50%) - and better engagement and education for the elderly on road safety (46%), to make roads a safer place for the elderly.

The  AXA Mobility Survey  2018 polled 812 Singaporean road users, aged 18-59 in April 2018, from private car owners, taxi drivers, motorcyclists, to commercial drivers, private-hire car drivers, cyclists (including bike-sharers), personal mobility device (PMD) riders and pedestrians.        

To learn more about the AXA Mobility Survey 2018, please visit www.axa.com.sg/insights/mobility-survey.

AXA gives back to the community: Supporting safer mobility for the elderly

As part of AXA’s safer mobility efforts, AXA is giving back to society with a donation of 300 smart and portable walking aid holders, known as Qanemates, to its corporate responsibility partners, Singapore Cancer Society and SportCares. The Qanemate which is patented in Singapore, is invented by two young Singaporean inventors, siblings Seng Ian Hao (14-years old) and Seng Ing Le (12-years-old). It prevents walking aids such as canes from slipping to the ground as it allows them to be secured in an upright position and within reach to surfaces like tables or poles for safer mobility, particularly for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

“The Qanemate solves a common problem among the elderly – fall injuries in walking aid users and helps to keep them safe from potential injuries in and outside of home. Preventing risks before they happen can save lives and AXA is proud to be able to make a difference by donating Qanemates to the Singapore Cancer Society and SportCares’ beneficiaries,” said Mr. Costes.

The Qanemate inventors are proud to partner with AXA. "We hope to make a positive difference to all walking cane users with our invention, making mobility simpler, safer and smarter for them. As many walking cane users are seniors, we are grateful that AXA has empowered us to honour our pioneers through this intergenerational innovation,"  the siblings said.


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