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File A Claim

File A Claim
File A Claim
Personal - Travel
Travel Claims
Step 1
According to which is applicable, look through the respective list and prepare the indicated documents within 30 days of completion of the journey:

General Section
Please note of the following requirement and submit (for all claims):
  • Copy of Certificate of Insurance
  • Proof of travel, i.e. original boarding passes, air ticket or copy of passport
  • List of documents requested
Claim will be processed and finalised upon receipt of the above mentioned documents. We reserve the right to request for further document(s)/information to support the assessment of claim.
Personal Accident Medical, Dental and Other Expenses
Please submit:
  • All original medical invoices and receipts – for Medical Expenses claim
  • Admission/Discharge Report – for Hospitalization claims only
  • Receipts for additional expenses claimed for additional travel & accommodation – for hospitalization claims only
  • Medical reports, Regular doctor reports
  • Death Certificate if applicable
  • Accident report, investigation report and Police Report if applicable
  • Post Mortem Report if applicable
Trip Cancellation / Curtailment
Please submit:
  • A copy of flight itinerary indicating the original flight details
  • Booking invoice with terms and conditions, and payment receipts
  • Medical report, Death Certificate if applicable
  • Proof of relationship, if applicable
  • Written confirmation of the amount of refund from the travel agents or airlines
  • Invoice & receipt for charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air ticket (for trip curtailment)
  • Written advice from the attending medical practitioner confirming advisability to cancel or curtail the trip due to the illness or injury sustained by you / your relatives (as defined in the policy) or travel companion
Travel Delay / Baggage Delay / Overbooked Flight / Flight Misconnection / Postponement / Replacement of Traveller / Diversion
Please submit:
  • A copy of flight itinerary indicating the original flight details
  • Travel Delay / Diversion: Written confirmation from carrier on the duration and reason(s) for delay / diversion
  • Travel Overbooked / Misconnection: Written confirmation / acknowledgement receipt from airline confirming the overbooked / misconnected flight details and when the next alternative transportation is made available
  • Baggage delay: Written confirmation / acknowledgement receipt from airline on the date and time of baggage received.
  • Trip Postponement / Replacement of Traveller: Receipts of administrative charges
  • Trip Postponement / Replacement of Traveller: Proof of relationship, if applicable
  • Trip Postponement : A Copy of Death Certificate, if applicable
Baggage, Personal Effects, Money, Travel Documents
Please submit:
  • Purchase receipts and/or warranty cards for lost items, if any
  • Documents stating amount of compensation from airlines or other sources
  • Property Irregularity Report for losses / damage in carriers’ custody, if applicable
  • Damage claims: Photographs to show the extent of damage and repair invoices
  • Theft / Loss claims: Police report / loss report lodged at the place of loss within 24 hours
  • Theft / Loss claims: A list of items stolen with the information on make/model, date of purchase and purchase price
  • Theft / Loss claims: Receipts for additional costs incurred in replacing lost travel document
  • Purchase of Essential Items: Receipts of the essential items purchased
Home Care Benefits
Please submit:
  • Home Care Benefits
  • Receipts of all items claimed. If not available, provide description of items and the date, place and price of purchase.
  • SCDF Report, if applicable
Study Interruption
Please submit:
  • A copy of the death certificate of the family member (if applicable)
  • Proof of relationship for Death of Family member (if applicable)
  • A copy of your hospitalization bill
  • Regular Medical Practitioner report – for Hospitalisation claims only
  • Admission/Discharge Report – For Hospitalisation claims only
  • Proof of tuition fees payment to the educational institution
Personal Liability
Please submit:
  • Forward all correspondence & documents from third parties to us for our handling
Hijacking Inconvenience
  • Written confirmation of the airline confirming the incident and duration.
  • Rental Car Excess Cover
    Please submit:
    • Copy of car rental agreement.
    • Invoice and receipt from the rental agency for car rental
    • Copy of driver’s driving license at the time of accident.
    • Copy of overseas motor insurance policy if available.
    • Copy of police report / accident report, if applicable
    • Receipts of the excess paid

    Step 2

    Submit your Travel Claims online or download Travel Claims form (PDF).

    Additional Information
    • Emergency Assistance

      Emergency Assistance While Abroad
      While overseas, if you require emergency assistance, please contact our 24-hour hotline +65-63222566 in respect of the following services:
      • Locate the nearest appropriate consulate or embassy while overseas
      • Assist in retrieving your lost baggage
      • Assist in retrieving your lost passport or other travel documents
      • Telephone medical advise
      • Arrangement for hospital admission
      • Emergency evacuation/repatriation
      • Monitoring of medical condition

      Emergency Medical Assistance and Evacuation / Repatriation
      • 24 hour emergency telephone service is operated for your benefit by a specifically designated assistance company
      • Please note that repatriation expenses will be covered under the policy only if arranged through the designated assistance company

    • Travel Claims FAQ
      Download FAQs (PDF)