Be it a drive home after a long day at work or a weekend ride with the family, protect you and your loved ones on the busy roads and rainy days so you can enjoy a carefree drive.
We have covered 800,000 cars on the road. You can leave your car protection to us.

What is Covered

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Cover
Covers loss or damage due to insured risks including fire and theft, and third party legal liability
Third Party Coverage
Covers your legal liability for any third party injury or property damage
Workshop of Your Choice
Repair your car at one of AXA Premium Workshops or any workshop of your choice
Third Party, Fire and Theft Coverage
Covers loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire or theft, and third party legal liability
24/7 Towing and Transportation in Singapore
Up to S$500 coverage for cost of towing to repairer or place of safety under comprehensive cover

What is Not Covered

Key Exclusions

Unauthorised Driver
Your car is driven by a person who is not an authorised driver
Unlicensed Driver
The person driving the car does not have a driver’s license or is under suspension from driving
Undeclared Usage
Your car is used for any purpose other than that shown in your policy
Lack of Due Diligence
Your car or its accessories are stolen due to negligence or wilful act
War, Terrorism or Nuclear Risk
Loss or damage caused by war, terrorism or nuclear risk
EssentialFlexiPeaceFor Her

Third Party Only

  • Covers your legal liability for any third party injury or property damage

Third Party, Fire and Theft

  • We will cover your vehicle against damages and loss due to an accident caused by fire or theft


  • We will cover you against loss or damage due to insured risks including fire and theft, and third party legal liability

24/7 Towing & Transportation in Singapore or Overseas

  • We will provide 24 hour car towing service and pay for taxi transportation in event of accident

Windscreen Coverage (Enhanced)

  • We will replace your windscreen subjected to excess or repair it with no excess

Daily Transport Allowance

  • We will pay you a daily allowance for each day of the loss of use of your car, up to a maximum of days as per your policy schedule

Medical and Dental Expenses

  • We will pay $1,000 per person inclusive of medical and dental expenses covering you, your named drivers and your immediate family members

Workshop of your choice

  • We will allow you to choose the workshop which repairs your vehicle

Guaranteed Repair for 12 months

  • We will guarantee the repairs done by our workshops for 12 months

Loss of Personal Effects

  • We will pay you $3,000 for loss of personal items

Higher Flood Protection

  • We will pay additional +10% above vehicle market value and we will waive your vehicle damage excess at the same time in event of total loss from flood

Delivery of Repaired Car

  • We will deliver your repaired vehicle to your chosen location within Singapore

Excess Waiver from 3rd Year

  • We will waive your Basic Own Damage Excess from the 3rd year if you have not made any claims during the preceding 2 consecutive years and if you renew under this plan

Phone Assistance and Roadside Support

  • We will provide you with phone assistance and/or roadside support in the event of vehicle breakdown or immobilisation

Frequently Asked Questions

What we get asked all the time
Am I insured outside of Singapore?

In certain cases yes. Your policy applies to the following geographical area:

  • West Malaysia
  • The Republic of Singapore (which includes anywhere you can go without having to show your passport at immigration Sentosa, Pulau Ubin etc...)
  • Transit by direct sea route across the Straits between Penang and the mainland of West Malaysia
  • Direct sea route across the Straits between Changi Point, Singapore and Tanjong Belungkor, Johore Peninsular Thailand (subject to a maximum period of fourteen (14) days for each and every trip).
What are the different car insurance policies offered by AXA?

Under SmartDrive, AXA offers 7 different car insurances.

You can further tailor your policy to your driving needs by choosing any add-ons Benefits or Value Packs (combination of add-ons). A list of the value pack and their corresponding benefits is listed below:

Who should I contact if I've been in a car accident abroad and need to be evacuated to Singapore?

If you are abroad please call the following number to reach our customer call center: +65 6880 4888. If it is outside office hours please call +65 6322 2566.

AXA will arrange for you and your passengers to return to Singapore from the location of where the Accident occurred, typically within forty-eight (48) hours and arrange for the repatriation of your car. Depending on your location, you will be covered differently so please do give us a call before as soon as possible.

How can I get a quote? What information does AXA need?

Your quote will be calculated based on the different factors such as the driver(s) experience, NCD, etc… In order to get a quote you can:

  1. Go to our website: once we review your submitted form, we will send you an email with your quote and instruction on how to apply for the policy of your choice.
  2. Call our Customer Hotline and talk to one of our staff, they will get back to you with a quote.
  3. Come to our Customer Service Center (AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way - B 1). If you cannot visit us in person you can ask someone you trust to come for you.

Please note if you would like to transfer your NCD you must bring your Passport/ NRIC (and that of any other named driver), driving license details, and previous registration number, which you can obtain from the Land Transport Authorities website.

How can I buy insurance? What are the premium payment methods?

You can buy a car insurance by phone (1800-880-4888) or in person. Your premium can be paid through 3 different channels:

  • Via phone: by calling our customer hotline (1800-880-4888) and giving us your credit card details
  • In person: by visiting our Customer Service Center (AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way, B1) and using your credit card, cash, cheques or NETS
  • By setting up GIRO payments

Manage Your Policy On The Go

What MyAXA can do for you
Access policy information any time you need itHave your policy coverage at your fingertipsReach your agent for any assistanceUpdate your emergency contact details

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