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How Insurance Can Protect Your Small Business

04 Oct 20185 Mins Read

Risks to your small or medium business come in many forms and differ among the various industries: perishable goods for food and beverage entities; injuries and liabilities to students for schools and nurseries, damage to stock whilst in transit for retailers; machinery breakdown of high value equipment in hospitals; treatment services in beauty salons; portable equipment for offices and so on.

The right small business insurance policy can mean the difference between the survival or demise of your business in the event of something catastrophic happening. The risks may seem negligible but the consequences could be dire.

This is why at AXA, we believe that it is not about replacement or repair, but about restoring your business.

Insurance for SMEs must be straightforward, cost-effective and comprehensive to protect the core elements of the operation: People, Assets and Profit.

Our vision is to ensure one-stop business protection for SMEs, with simple, standardised processes and products offering multiple lines of insurance bundled together.

AXA SmartCare SME                                                                        

Designed to give you simple, cost-effective solutions, AXA SmartCare SME protects your employees and their families against rising healthcare costs and other financial burdens relating to health and disability.

Hospitalisation & Surgical: With our Letter of Guarantee, you do not have to pay a single dollar to the hospital if the treatment is within the policy limit.

Outpatient: We have an extensive medical network where you can seek outpatient treatments on cashless or pay-then-claim basis.

Family & Lifestyle Protection: Besides medical coverage, our SmartCare SME Plus product offers loss of income due to disability, critical illness or death.

Other Medical Cover: We have a range of optional benefits such as dental or optical coverage to make your policy more comprehensive.

AXA SmartPlan

With optional covers and scalable coverage limits, AXA SmartPlan gives you just the right commercial coverage for your unique business needs.

Work Injury Compensation: We cover your workers for medical leave wages, medical expenses and lump-sum compensation for permanent incapacity or death in the event of work related accidents.

Liability: We compensate against claims in the event that someone is inadvertently injured or suffers an accident that your business is responsible for.

Business Interruption: We cover you for the loss of profits when there is an interruption in operations due to damage to your property which is covered by your insurance policy.

Money: We compensate you for any loss or damage to your money or securities stored in your premises or in transit, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Find out more about SmartCare SME and SmartPlan here.