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Mike Goh on raising his kids: More outdoor activities, less technology

02 Jul 20185 Mins Read

In this day and age of technology, many kids get addicted to devices like smartphones and tablets. They spend a lot of time staring at screens instead of enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Hence, Mike Goh – father of two lovely daughters, Isabel, 13 and Meredith, 11 – makes it a point to engage them in outdoor activities as much as possible.

“I think it is important to get them to be aware of the importance of physical activities like jogging and cycling, which will help in building their health and well-being.

Bringing them outside keeps them away from iPhones and iPads, and keeps them connected with people and the environment.

“Along with my wife Gwen, we bring our girls to the ROCKrunners’ weekly running sessions as often as we can. It makes for good bonding time with the kids too!” the 45-year-old research and development engineer shared.

Working a typical five-day week, Mike tries to knock off work on time so he can go for ROCKrunners with AXA Game Changer on Tuesday evenings, or have dinner with his family on other days.

On weekends, he will also bring them to ROCKrunners on Saturday mornings if they can wake up. As for Sundays, Mike cycles in the morning so he can spend the rest of the day for family.

“The girls enjoy the running sessions and I feel it’s good to start them young, as jogging is a great form of exercise that builds both physical and mental strength."

“I hope that with adequate training and coaching, they can gain insight on endurance and perseverance. It’s great that ROCKrunners and AXA Game Changer provides this platform that is friendly for kids!”

Fatherhood is a lifetime job and for Mike; it has made him more responsible and resourceful. “Over the years, I have acquired new skills, such as changing diapers, singing bedtime lullabies and finding ways to keep them entertained!

"My advice to future daddies is to be open and always ready to take on new responsibilities to lessen the load on your spouse. Keep practising until you become a specialist in those tasks and your spouse will appreciate it,” he added.

Ultimately, Mike just wants his children to give their best in whatever they do and not be afraid to try anything they are keen on; so long as they remember their family values and look after each other in times of need.

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