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11 Ways to Eat Healthy on Holiday and Still Enjoy Yourself

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Nov 08, 2018

When we go on holiday, it usually means lots of sightseeing, relaxation and feasting. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and allowing some indulgence, but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it and come back with too many vacation kilos. That’s a souvenir you don’t want for sure!

So here are 10 tips to help you keep the kilos off and enjoy your vacation at the same time:

1. Explore the city on foot

Take walks, hikes or rent a bicycle whenever possible for your sightseeing, instead of taking a cab, bus or train. Walking will burn some calories and also allow you to see certain parts of the city not accessible by vehicle.

2. Share the calories

When travelling to new places, one of the things people like to do is to try the food; be it a local dish, a trendy dessert or an Insta-worthy snack. Instead of each person buying one portion, buy one share and split it amongst everyone. This way, you share the calories and everyone still gets a taste.

3. A treat a day

How do you pass up the mouthwatering street food when you are in Bangkok? How do you holiday in New York without tasting the delicious cheesecake? The answer is: you don't. Just try to keep your treats to one a day.

4. Follow an unhealthy meal with a healthy one

This is part of the “never two in a row” rule.  If you eat a bad meal, make the next one a healthy one…no exceptions! It’s all about balance.  

5. Cook your own meals

Cooking your own meals will not only help you to eat healthy, but it will also help to save money, especially in countries with higher costs of living. You can rent an Airbnb home with a kitchen, stay in a serviced apartment or put up at a friend’s.

6. Stay near a gym

Try to book a hotel that has decent gym facilities or stay at a hotel that is near a public gym. That way, whenever you have pockets of spare time in your sightseeing itinerary, you can get a quick run on the treadmill or lift some weights.

7. Do simple workouts in the hotel room

If the area you are staying at does not have any gyms or fitness studios, you can do some in-room workouts. Get on YouTube and search for some HIIT (high intensity interval training) that you can follow, or Google for bodyweight workouts that you can just do in your hotel room.

8. Go easy at the hotel breakfast

With such a wide variety of cuisines at international buffet breakfasts, it is easy to lose track of what you are eating because you want to have a bit of everything. Eat what you like but be mindful of the portions.

9. Opt for healthier alternatives when you can

For example, choose quinoa or brown rice over white rice; choose grilled or baked over deep fried; or ask to separate the dressing so you don’t waste too much of your calories on the sauce.  Also try to go easy on carbonated drinks or alcohol, or even packaged fruit juice – these are where a lot of liquid calories are consumed.

10.Prep snacks-to-go

Some people like to bring along snacks when they are spending the whole day sightseeing. Rather than getting bags of potato chips or bars of chocolate, you can prepare your own healthy snacks such as carrot sticks with hummus dip, a simple salad or cut fruits. When you get hungry, this will ensure you don’t rush into the nearest convenience store and buy junk.

11.Drink lots of water

When you are travelling abroad, it is even more important to drink water because you are in a different climate, not to mention your body is already dehydrated from the flight. Drinking lots of H2O will help to keep you full as well, so you won’t feel like eating all the time. And did you know that drinking water can boost your body’s ability to burn fat and increase metabolic rate?

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