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Tips to Eat Mindfully this Holiday Season
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Dec 16, 2015 |

The holidays are a time to indulge in food and drink. However, if we’re not careful, overindulging could lead to weight issues. According to a survey conducted across 188 countries, including Singapore, nearly 30 percent of the global population, or 2.1 billion people, are either overweight or obese. The study also shows that no country has lowered its obesity rate since 1980. 

Not all of us are good at keeping ourselves away from our favourite food. Eating mindfully is the solution to this problem. We should be aware of what we eat and how we eat. It’s a way to enjoy our food without going overboard. 

•    Have a look at the variety of food available on the table before starting. Make a note of what you would like to eat and take small portions. Don’t forget to add vegetables to your plate.
•    Chew properly before swallowing. According to research by Harbin Medical University in China, people who chewed their food 40 times before swallowing consumed 11.9 per cent fewer calories than those who chewed it only 15 times.
•    Do not eat while watching television, standing at the kitchen counter, working on the laptop or reading a book. These are times when we are not conscious of the food we take in and it results in overeating. 
•    Take the time to appreciate the smell, taste, and texture of the food. It satisfies our senses and helps us enjoy the food better.
•    Use a small plate because we tend to fill our plates. A bigger plate results in bigger servings and consequently, overeating.

And in case we go a little overboard, here are some activities to we can add to help us burn off calories. These burn 200 calories:
•    37 minutes of dancing
•    40 minutes of badminton
•    1 hour of bowling
•    40 minutes of car washing
•    2.5 minutes of jumping jacks with a 30 seconds break in between

It’s important to make exercise a part of our daily routine, but don’t let your activities eat into your sleep! According to a French study, sleep deprivation may result in obesity. So sleep well and eat well. With these simple tips in mind, we’re all set for the holidays! 


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