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The Four Big Metabolism Myths
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Jun 21, 2016 |

There are many beliefs about metabolism. Some think metabolism is hereditary, while others think superfoods help boost it. To help separate out myth from fact, we’ve debunked four of the most common metabolism myths that you may (or may not) have heard before.

Myth 1: Eat a hearty breakfast to wake up your metabolism

A well-balanced breakfast helps refuel your kid’s empty stomachs in the morning. This keeps their energy levels steady while curbing hunger. Take for instance, a boiled egg, slice of wholemeal bread and a piece of fruit. Or a bowl of low-sugar high-fibre cereal. Packed with iron and high fibre, it will help them power through the morning without the need to snack.

Big breakfasts, on the contrary, are a big no-no. This delays the body from shifting into metabolic mode by encouraging it to digest and rest instead.

Myth 2:  You can’t change your body’s metabolism

Actually, you can! Sneak exercise into your daily routine and build muscle through resistance training. Good habits start small – try taking the stairs when you can, skip the drive-through car wash for a family car wash session, or even take a little jog around the neighbourhood before picking up the groceries.

That extra bit of exercise may boost your metabolism, keeping you mentally alert while giving you a leaner, stronger figure.

Myth 3: Drink green tea to lose weight

Matcha contains a special compound called EGCG that has been shown to boost metabolism. Studies have also suggested that drinking five eight-ounce cups of green tea a day can increase your energy expenditure by 90 calories a day, thereby boosting your metabolism. 

However, don’t treat it as a weight loss solution just yet. Studies on this are inconclusive – and for the record, matcha flavoured candy and chocolate don’t count.

Myth 4: Late-night eating stores more fat

It’s fine to eat at night if you’re consuming healthy foods, but do eat at least an hour or two before going to bed. Avoid high-sugar snacks like chocolates, and food like red meat and pasta. These will slow down your metabolism process and cause stomach problems that will disrupt your sleep. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruits, homemade fruit smoothies and unsweetened sorbets instead.

Now that you have a better idea of how metabolism works, let’s power up to a healthier you!

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