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Short Breaks Could Beat Long Holidays
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Feb 01, 2016 |

Long weekends are the perfect excuse for a short getaway. If you even needed any reason;how about the fact that a quick trip can boost your health and wellbeing?

Here’s why:
Less travel stress
Short breaks only work if you are completely relaxed before and during the trip. Don’t worry, this is completely achievable. Going away for a few days means you can reduce travel stress by:
•    Packing light
•    Minimal planning
•    Cheap bookings
•    Fuss-free travel insurance

Anticipation begets positivity
Enjoyment of a holiday actually begins days, weeks, or even months before it happens. Studies2have shown people actually build up intense positive feelings before an anticipated event begins – going on a short break included.

If you want to up the positivity further, immerse yourself fully in the culture of the country. Listen to Italian music, read about the history of Laos, or imagine yourself in a traditional kimono in Japan. 

Get in the zone fast
While a short trip may mean less time to explore, this also means you need to unplug and focus all your energy on doing only the things that you want to. 

Make your short holiday last longer by ensuring you try new activities, visit new places and meet new people. This forces your brain to exercise and can improve your learning and memory.

Uninterrupted sleep
Vacationers tend to sleep longer and better, which means you finally get a good night’s rest before going back to work. Don’t take this lightly – getting enough sleep on a regular basis takes effort. Put your smartphones away before going to bed and let your natural body clock wake you up in the mornings.

Health and well-being levels improve instantaneously within the first four days of a holiday, peaks on the eight day then gradually declines, research shows. This means that short holiday breaks are optimal for recovering from work fatigue, allowing you to stay healthy in the long run!


[1] Bloom, J. D., Geurts, S. A., & Kompier, M. A. (2012). Vacation (after-) effects on employee’ health and well-being, and the role of vacation activities, experiences and sleep. Journal of Happiness Studies

[1] Boven, L. V., & Ashworth, L. (2007). Looking Forward, Looking Back: Anticipation Is More Evocative Than Retrospection. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 136(2), 289-300.

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