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How to Stop Procrastinating about Fitness
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Nov 02, 2015 |

Good health is what keeps us going in this fast-paced (and sometimes stressful) world. Sadly, it is also the one thing that we put off the most. Office workers, especially all of us who have desk jobs, are at greater risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and other diseases that are the result of an inactive lifestyle and prolonged sitting.

It is important for us to take the time to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Here are 5 ways to include fitness in your daily routine:

1. Make it enjoyable:
Fitness doesn’t just mean sweating it out alone. Make it enjoyable by exercising with friends. Set a time to exercise together and you will look forward to this time of the day!

2. Add variety:
Doing the same thing every day gets boring quickly. A weekly fitness plan that has variety will keep motivation levels high. Let’s say, two days at the gym, two days of running and two days of cycling. You can add other sports like football, squash, or swimming. This will break the monotony and keep things enjoyable.

3. Set achievable goals:
Setting realistic goals goes a long way in keeping you interested in your exercise programme. Don’t push yourself too hard. Too much exercise in one day will leave you with sore muscles, and you may give up too soon. Start with light exercises so that you are not very tired. Set a monthly goal, and make the goal about the amount of exercise, not weight or inches lost.

4. Set a minimum time:
Instead of setting a maximum time for exercise, set a minimum time. This will motivate you to stick to the fitness plan and chances are you’ll continue way beyond the budgeted time. 15 minutes of exercise isn’t too much to begin with.

5. Reward yourself:
Every time you achieve your monthly goal, reward yourself. Plan a dinner or go out with friends to celebrate your success; but remember not to overindulge.

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