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Finding your groove
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Nov 02, 2017 |

Did you watch The Nutcracker and wonder what it’d be like to dance ballet? Of course, we’re with you if Saturday Night Fever is more your dance muse!

Dance has got to be the most fun way you can exercise – without the no-pain-no-gain mantra. The best part: dancing not only keeps your body in tip-top shape but it also sharpens your mind and lifts your emotions. Breaking out moves on the dance floor may not be a conventional way to exercise but no one’s quibbling because it does the job just as well. Even better, in fact.

Dance has got to be the most fun way you can exercise – without the no-pain-no-gain mantra.”

There’s no time like the present to sign up for a dance class. But there are so many, which style to go for?

Here’s a tip: Pick based on your personality. You’ll likely be happier, more fulfilled and stick with it longer, said Dr James Gavin, an Applied Human Sciences expert from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. “Physical activity is just another expression of our personal preferences and style.”

It’s your call

We’ve highlighted a range of character traits and popular dance styles that complement them. The list is not exhaustive but should be enough to get you going.

‘The Laid-Back Explorer’

You are:

  • Receptive and curious by nature
  • Not afraid of the unknown, adapting effortlessly to new situations and thriving in crises
  • A social creature with a varied circle of contacts across various fields

Dip your toes into: modern dances that encourage freestyle moves like Lyrical Dance or Hip Hop.

‘The Dynamic Doer’

You are:

  • A bundle of energy that leaves others breathless in your wake
  • Constantly zipping about with a multitude of ideas and thoughts
  • A joy to be around, with your open mind and playful disposition

Dip your toes into: swing dances like Jive, Charleston or Lindy Hop.

‘The Spirited Rebel’

You are:

  • Rhythmic, energetic, tough and competitive
  • Strong willed with a never-give-up attitude
  • Happy in a group but your individuality shines through

Dip your toes into: Hip Hop or Capoeira

‘The Spontaneous Performer’

You are:

  • Someone who likes to move it, move it
  • The life of the dance party, especially if it is disguised as a cardio workout
  • Energised by group settings and sociable collaboration

Dip your toes into: Zumba or Mambo

The Urban Swan

You are:

  • Innately graceful, poised and an admirer of tradition
  • A perfectionist that will grind away to gain respect and achieve tangible goals
  • Attracted to structure but unpredictable doses of fun are welcome

Dip your toes into: Ballet or Waltz

‘The Sweet and Sassy’

You are:

  • Flamboyantly twirling through life on high speed with laughter and joy
  • Exuberant and flirty – you know how to have a good time
  • An accommodating team player with a positive attitude
  • Ready to shake up the joint with your quick wit and sharp mind

Dip your toes into: Salsa

The Nurturing Inspirer’

You are:

  • Savouring life with a passion
  • True to your own voice; embracing who you are
  • Dynamic, creative and kind – a real people magnet
  • Capable of appreciating the style of the past as well as the disruption of the now

Dip your toes into: Jazz Dance or Lyrical Danc

The Communal Carer’

You are:

  • Happiest when you’re part of a community
  • Hardworking, outgoing and ever willing to lend a helping hand
  • Always ready to shake your booty to the right tune, especially if it’s catchy country

Dip your toes into: Line Dance

Ready for the next step?

Found a dance style to match your personality? Then it’s time to find a dance class! The onePA website is a good place to start. We’ve also listed some studios that cater to different dance styles below.

Now that you’ve decided to take up dancing, why not get into the groove with other aspects of your health? See if your diet, sleep patterns and mental wellbeing are all on point. Same goes for your insurance coverage. Because you’ll never miss a beat when you take a holistic approach to embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Be sure to follow AXA (@axagamechanger) on Instagram for more inspiring content throughout our Dance Hero challenge and beyond!

Popular Singapore Dance Studios

Converge Studios (www.convergestudios.sg)

Offers Contemporary, Girls’ Style, Heels, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Kpop, Locking, Popping and Street Jazz

Dancing Meow (www.dancingmeow.com)

Offers Ballet, Ballroom, Barre, Capoeira, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Mambo, Swing and Tango

Recognize! Studios (www.recognizestudios.com)

Offers Breaking, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Kpop, LA Lyrical, Locking, Popping, Reggae, Street Jazz, Urban Choreo and Waacking

Shawn and Gladys Dance Academy (www.shawnandgladys.com)

Offers Bachata, Jive, Lyrical Dance, Mambo, Merengue, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Salsa, Tango and Waltz

Wings To Wings Dance (www.wingstowingsdance.com)

Offers Ballet, Barre, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Kpop and Zumba

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