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8 Tips To Fight Workout Fatigue
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Oct 07, 2015 |

Do you feel exhausted every time you head to the gym? Workout fatigue is a real problem that can make you want to skip your workouts. Here are some helpful tips to boost your energy levels and get your workouts back on track.

Get enough fuel
One of the main causes of workout fatigue is the lack of proper nutrition. Make it a point to include carbohydrates and healthy fats in your diet. Carbs give you energy immediately, while fats give you sustainable energy, so you need a combination of the two to keep you going.

Drink plenty of water
Even if you’re eating right, you could be experiencing fatigue because you’re not drinking enough water. Water is responsible for delivering the nutrition to your muscles during after and your workout, so make it a point to stay hydrated. Beverages like coconut water and lemonade replenish not only your fluid levels but your electrolyte levels as well.

Get enough sleep
Your body needs time to repair itself and recover, and not getting enough sleep will significantly hamper your progress. Luckily, working out will tire you out enough to knock you out for a good night’s sleep.

Learn the right breathing technique
A lot of beginners don’t realise the importance of controlling their breathing, but experts swear by it. Breathing regulates not just the flow of air but also the flow of energy through your body, so it is important to learn the correct type of breathing for the kind of exercise you’re doing.

Keep your workout short
Struggling through a 90 minute workout could do your body more harm than good. To optimise your anabolic hormones, limit your weight training sessions to an hour, and make sure you are eating well to ensure that you have enough fuel to pull through.

Don’t skip rest days
Once you get addicted to fitness, it can be hard to tear yourself away from the gym to rest. However, rest is an important part of any fitness regime, since it gives your muscles a chance to repair themselves.

Rest between sets
It is important that you rest between each set of exercises. Of course, the duration of the rest will depend on your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight then keep your rest time shorter to increase the fat-burning intensity of your workout, but if you want to focus on strength then keep your rest time slightly longer.

Try active recovery
To boost your energy levels while still maintaining your fitness level, try practicing active recovery. If you lift weights at the gym regularly, try spending one or two days doing an alternate activity like swimming, or playing a sport, basically anything that is different from your usual workout. Doing the same routine over and over again can also get boring, so taking up another activity can help keep things interesting.


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