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5 Tips on Staying Safe at Music Festivals
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Dec 02, 2015 |

Music festivals are a place to put on our dancing shoes, party, and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. And as we approach the year’s end, there’s ZoukOut and tons of New Year’s Eve music festivals to look out for. Here are some tips to help you party safe at these fabulous events.

Study the festival map: The first thing to do before entering the festival ground is study the layout of the place. Find out where the restrooms and drinks stalls are. Once there, it becomes very difficult to ask for directions amidst the crowd.

Dress right: It’s a bad idea to wear that new pair of shoes. Footwear that hasn’t been broken in may give shoe bites, and it’s going to be uncomfortable wearing them for a whole night of dancing. We should also avoid long flowing dresses that could be stepped on at crowded events.

Take care of your wallet and phone: It’s best to carry only what is essential and keep our hands free. We might drop our wallets, mobile phones or keys if we hold them in our hands. Also, it’ll be hard to trace when and where we lose these valuables. Where there’s a crowd, there’s a chance of being pickpocketed, so if possible wear clothing that has pockets with zippers. If attending an overseas party, find out how you can protect your lost or damaged belonging and receive up to $10,000 for lost personal effects and reimbursement to replace the essential items.

Stay hydrated: Dehydration is one of the most common health problems faced by festival goers. Dancing increases our body temperature and when we are in a crowd, it becomes even hotter. To protect ourselves from dehydration, we should carry some water in a bottle. Staying hydrated also keeps our energy levels up.

Stay safe in the crowd: There’s safety in numbers, so attend the festival with a group of friends. For those of us who are going alone, make friends and watch out for one another. In the event that we don’t feel safe, leave – but never with a stranger.

Keep these simple tips in mind and make 2015’s end-of-year parties enjoyable AND safe!

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