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4 memory boosters you need to know about
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May 11, 2016 |

Losing your memory can be crippling for some, and especially heart breaking if it happens to someone you love. In a fast-aging society like Singapore, the Ministry of Health estimates that up to 80,000 people might suffer from dementia by the year 2030.

Giving your brain a power boost might just be your best bet to protect you and your family against memory loss. Here’s how:

Feed your brain right 
It all starts with the food choices you make. Give your brain a boost by choosing whole-grain foods over processed foods and starches. Think oatmeal, whole-grain breakfast cereals and quinoa. These are rich in fibre and loaded with vitamins that pack a powerful nutritional punch. Not only does this help improve blood circulation, it also makes you feel fuller on lower calories and stops the urge to overeat.

Are you the resident chef in your family? Then it’s time to get creative with meal plans. Try something new, such as swapping out white rice for brown rice, or subbing out one-half of that white flour for whole-grain wheat floor when baking sweet treats for your kids.

Eating right may be easier than you think!

It’s in your hands 
Brainteasers are the best way to keep both the young and old engaged. Pick up a crossword puzzle, jigsaw puzzle or even Sudoku to keep your hands active and minds focused. 

Kick start your creativity and expand your imagination by going on a colouring adventure in a wild jungle, a deep blue sea or a secret garden…it’s all possible with an adult colouring book! You might be surprised to find out that our brain directs its attention to art-making during the creative process. This helps strengthen our attention, awareness and ultimately, brain power.

Stay curious, be active and you’ll find that these activities might just be the perfect stress reliever.

Drink, don’t binge
Most people relate alcohol to “drinking the blues away” but when consumed heavily, this is actually extremely harmful for your body, and the brain. Excessive drinking can disrupt your brain chemistry and processes, causing blackouts, memory loss, anxiety. Instead of staying in your best form, your ability to learn and remember might deteriorate.  

Remember, it’s best to have everything in moderation and know how to stay in control. 

Get moving
Healthy eating and regular exercise go hand-in-hand to create a super brain. Researchers have found that individuals who maintain their fitness possess greater cognitive abilities – brain-based skills we need to process, think, learn and apply.

Learn a new form of aerobic exercise – go cycling, jogging, swimming or try zumba and engage in a minimum of 30-minute session three days a week. To stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals, bring a family member or friend along with you to make exercise fun!

The value of daily exercise should never be underestimated, so put on your shoes and hit the gym!

Remind your loved ones of these brain-boosting tips and look out for each other - a little bit of effort can go a long way.


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