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Your Fridge - The Best Bet Against Food Poisoning!
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Sep 08, 2015 |

According to the Ministry of Health, in 2015, already more than 900 people have suffered from food poisoning – with salmonella being the leading cause. This could have been easily prevented with the proper preservation of food. Learn to keep your foods fresh in your fridge and protect yourself from potential health risks with these tips:

1. The right temperature

When your fridge is set at the right temperatures, half the battle against food poisoning is won.

As bacteria multiply within a dangerous temperature zone from 5°C to 63 °C, fridges and chilled storage cabinets should be set at an ideal temperature of 0°C to 5°C. Additionally, freezers should be maintained at -18°C or lower to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.


2. The right order -- “First-In-First-Out” (FIFO) rule

An uncomplicated system of rotating your food so that oldest food products are always used first.

Have you ever cleaned out your fridge only to realise that you had to throw food products away because they had already expired? Not only does the FIFO rule help you to save money by preventing wastage of expired and uneaten food, it is an excellent food storage principle that protects you from food poisoning! Simply follow these steps:

(a) Organise your fridge and store similar products together
(b) Check the expiry dates and display in the forefront the first to expire
(c) Rotate your food inventory as you use it

3. The right storage -- Avoid cross-contamination

Cross-contamination occurs when juices from raw meats come into contact with cooked and ready-to-eat foods – this happens more often than you think!

When storing food, it is extremely important to keep raw and cooked food apart so as to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. In the refrigerator, always make sure to place raw food in covered containers below ready-to-eat food.

Now that you have learnt these 3 useful food preservation tips, do practise them rigorously and say goodbye to food-borne illnesses!

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