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Space-saving hacks from travel experts
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Jul 12, 2016 |

Travelling doesn’t have to be a hassle. With our expert space-saving tips, you’ll learn how to pack your luggage like a pro in no time. 

Plan and pack as you would for a summer vacation
This is the number one tip strongly suggested by National Geographic Channel Producer and Travel Blogger, Christina Ricchiuti. After all, singlets, swimwear and slippers occupy very little space, leaving your suitcase with plenty of room for your shopping haul!
Even if you’re heading to a country during winter time, packing in lightweight basics are good for layering and keeping you warm too. 
Essentially, pack less than you think you would need. Often, we only wear half the clothes that we actually bring along!

Pack double-duty items 
Travel writer Katie Coakley highly recommends this. She would carry a sarong around with her – this acts as a beach cover-up, tablecloth, picnic blanket, makeshift satchel, pillow, head scarf for bad hair days, shawl, changing room screen, privacy curtain for a bunk bed…and the list goes on!

Another double-duty item you can use are disposable shower caps, which many hotels provide in the bathrooms. These handy items can be used to wrap up your dirty footwear, preventing them from soiling the insides of your luggage. If not, they can also pose as garbage bags, toiletry bags, or even to protect your footwear from mud.

Fill out every nook and cranny
You never knew this, but every expert traveller stores their items in the most unsuspecting places. Shoes tend to take up quite a bit of space, but you can always stuff them with socks and other small items. If you’re bringing along a pair of spectacles or sunnies in a glasses case, you can always squeeze in a pair of earbuds, your earphones, or even charging cables in there.
For bulky items like towels and jeans, try rolling them (as opposed to folding them) and you might be surprised at the extra space you have to fit in your other essentials!

Bring e-books instead of paper books
Jeff Broman, travel blogger at Go Travelzing, suggests you download guidebooks to your phone to free up weight and space in your luggage. This can be easily done using the Kindle app. This way, you don’t have to carry around clunky guidebooks and cumbersome maps like every other tourist out there. After all, you’d want to avoid bringing attention to yourself, especially from pickpockets who typically target tourists.

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