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Kids In The Car: How To Keep Them Safe
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Sep 08, 2015 |

We drive our kids around so often – to school, to the mall, to grandma’s – that we really can’t take road safety for granted. Their lives literally, are in our hands. To help keep our kids safe in our cars, here are some guidelines that we can follow:

Children under 1.35m of height are best secured in restraints or booster seats

Since January 2012, it is now a requirement in Singapore for kids under the height of 1.35m, regardless of their age, to be properly secured in booster seats or adjustable seat belts. We may be tempted to hold or cradle them in the passenger seat, especially on a short drive. But remember, our car isn’t the only vehicle on the road, and we cannot control the action of other drivers.

Airbags may cause more harm to children

When airbags are deployed in a crash, they exert so much impact that they could cause a young child to be severely injured or even suffocate. This is especially true when the child is buckled by an adult seatbelt that does not fit properly, nor does it keep him in place during a crash. In such circumstances, airbag deployment can cause even more harm.

Rear-facing seats are safer

In 2012, a campaign in the UK was launched, calling for parents to keep their kids in rear-facing seats for longer. These seats are up to five times safer than forward-facing versions it was claimed. But whatever seat we choose, it’s important to select one that’s appropriate for our kid’s height and weight. Experts have cautioned that size matters: it could mean the difference between life and death for a child.

A car accident involving the kids is any parent’s nightmare. Should the unforeseen happen, some assistance from our insurers goes a long way in helping us manage the financial consequences that follow, like hospitalisation bills for example. But let’s first do our part in keeping our kids safe on the roads, and follow the simple guidelines outlined above.

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