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Kids: A Simple Guide To Capturing Those Precious Moments
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Aug 21, 2015 |

Parents across the world are getting creative with how they capture their kid’s growing years, turning them into memorable keepsakes that sometimes, even the world can’t resist a peek.

Here are some interesting examples of kids’ photography.

Photo: Jason Lee

Kristin and Kayla

Photographer Jason Lee dresses his young daughters sometimes as video game characters, sometimes as fairy tale characters, and poses them in his portraits. Most of the ideas come from his kids – what a great way for father and daughters to bond.

Wengenn in Wonderland

Using simple household materials and a whole lot of imagination, freelance artist Sioin Queenie Liao turns her napping baby boy into the hero of a dreamy wonderland.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture amazing moments with your kids. Think out of the box and create your own magical memories. Here are 4 thought starters to get you going.

Project 365

Take one photo of your kids per day for the entire year. It gives you a great way to look back on how much they’ve changed since they were tiny newborns to the time they celebrated their first birthday.

Photo Calendar

Why not print your family’s very own calendar with photos of your kids, taken every month. Keep a fun theme running throughout the photos. For example, capture them in the same pose holding onto their favourite toy.

Family TV

How about documenting day-to-day life with your kids on video. Make it episodic with fun topics ranging from “24 hours with the kids on Day 1 of School” to “Our morning routine”, or even “See what we do when dad’s not around.” With a simple Handycam or GoPro, turn your time spent with the kids into a YouTube channel, offering entertainment and inspiration to other parents. Here’s a great example: Family Fun Pack

Interactive Memory Albums and Scrapbooks

Online sources such as SmileBox, Snapfish and Shutterfly, provide you with the tools to create an interactive digital scrapbook or memory album. You can also download apps, such as Mosaic Photo Books for Android and iOS devices, and make interactive photo albums right from your smartphone or tablet.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating magic with your children. So go on ahead and have fun!

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