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Keeping the Kids Entertained While Travelling
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Nov 11, 2015 |

Come vacation time, the first thing we think about is taking the family on a trip. It often includes journeys by plane or car, and those of us with children know what a herculean task that can be. According to a worldwide survey, it takes just 27 minutes on average for kids to get bored (and possibly restless) on a car ride.

How do we deal with that? Let’s explore some handy tips and tricks to keep the kids entertained when we travel as a family.

Games and gadgets to the rescue
While we should limit our kids’ time with games and gadgets at home, these might just come in handy on long journeys. Bring a tablet along for the ride and download age-appropriate games for the kids. We’d be pleasantly surprised to see them glued to their seats.

Audiobooks for the headphone generation
Have kids who always have their earphones plugged in? Give them an audiobook. It’s a better option than giving them movies since it frees our kids to use their imagination.

A colour game for the young ones
This is an interesting game that tests our kids’ observation power. And keeps them busy. All we have to do is list every colour of the rainbow on a sheet of paper and hand it over to the kids. We ask them to write down five objects corresponding to each colour, that they see during the journey. To keep this game interesting, let’s reward them for a job well done at the end of the trip.

An activity book to keep them occupied
Sticker books or scrapbooks are easy to carry around, interactive, and they keep the kids happily engaged. We should take a few with us on every trip to keep our little ones busy.

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