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How to Practise Safe Social Networking
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Jan 07, 2016 |

How to Practise Safe Social Networking
There has been a startling three-fold jump in the number of cyber crimes from 2009 to 2015 in Singapore, including bogus emails and links, fake gift cards and even e-commerce cheating. Keeping in mind that the Internet is never fully safe, it is extremely important for everyone to practise safe social networking and be alert at all times. Here are some essential tips to protecting yourself in the digital world:

1.    Beware of how much you reveal online
While the digital space may seem like a great platform to make new friends and learn more about others, sharing too much personal information online may easily result in identity theft and risk your physical safety. Never share your home address or home phone number, and keep your passwords secure.

2.    Click on links with caution
Always approach links (including those sent from your friends) with high caution as it may contain malicious content. Make sure you clarify the content of the links with your friends before opening them, and do not forward on any links if you are unsure of the credibility of their source.

3.    Your digital correspondence is never private
As computers have an extensive and permanent memory, anything you share and upload online can all be saved, recovered and retrieved easily. Everything from emails to Facebook status updates, instant messages, and Twitter tweets can all be copied, retrieved and shared with just a few clicks. It is important to watch what you say or share online.

4.    Always customise your privacy settings
Many websites, such as Facebook, are equipped with privacy settings that allow you to choose who can access your personal information. Always customise this setting and only select people whom you know and trust your information with. A quick tip would be to do an online search for yourself, and check that not too much private data comes up!

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