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Fun Ways to Tempt Picky Eaters
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Nov 05, 2015 |

More and more parents are finding fun ways to give their children a nutritious meal. They create healthy and fun eating options for kids so that these picky eaters lap up everything on the plate!

Here are some of those fun ways that we can use on our own kids:

Make the plate colourful
We can be creative in the way we present the food plate. Even a simple sandwich can look more interesting when it’s decorated with colourful fruits and vegetables.

According to a survey, children are more likely to clear the plate when there’s more colour. So why not give it a shot!

Let the kids decide what vegetables to eat
Give two colours, say red and green, and let them choose which colour of vegetables or fruits they’d like to eat that day. It would be even better if we take our kids to the market and let them pick out the foods on their own. It’s an interesting way to introduce them to the healthy world of fruits and vegetables.

Let them assist with food prepping
Which child wouldn’t love to taste their own creation? Besides, cooking with the kids is a great way for them to learn, and for us to spend quality time with them. Remember to praise them along the way, as it’ll make them happy to go along. Make sure that the food prep is simple so that the kids can manage and more importantly, stay interested. We can start with something the kids would love like pasta, colourful salads, sandwiches or cereals.

Learn the art of camouflage
Sometimes it’s best to hide the veggies in our kids’ favourite juice, soup, pasta sauce, etc. They’ll enjoy their meal without fuss. We just have to be careful that they don’t find out about the deception.

Cook up a story
We should use our kids’ favourite cartoon characters to cook up a story and encourage them to eat their food. When they learn that Bugs Bunny loves his carrots, why wouldn’t they start eating them too?

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