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Don't Be A Mosquito Breeder
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Aug 21, 2015 |

Prevention is always better than cure! According to The Straits Times, more than 22,000 people were infected with dengue, of which there were eight fatalities in 2013 alone. Dengue is indeed one of the most infectious diseases and also the deadliest. Learn about these five most unexpected mosquito breeding sites and equip yourself with the protection tips to keep those pesky mosquitoes away!

1. Always cover bamboo pole holders when not using them

Bamboo pole holders are highly attractive mosquito breeding grounds as it collects rainwater when uncovered.Whenever you bring your clothes in after a day of sun-drying, always remember to cover the holes of the bamboo pole holders! Rainwater tends to accumulate in the holes, resulting in the stagnation of water as cleaning out the holes is not an easy feat.

2. Clean out fallen leaves on drains and gardens regularly

Fallen leaves may add to the vibrancy in your gardens but they could also prove dangerous. While fallen leaves may create that cosy atmosphere in your homes, they also create an equally cosy breeding ground for mosquitoes! After a rain, water may be stored on the surface of the leaves and become stagnant when not cleaned out regularly.

3. Install anti-mosquito valves in gully traps

Gully traps are one of the most often neglected areas in checks for mosquito breeding. While gully traps help to drain out water from your bathrooms and kitchens, water could actually be collected within the pipes of the traps. The stagnation of water may hence occur, drawing mosquitoes to set up homes in the pipes. It’s not time to throw out the useful gully traps though - simply install anti-mosquito valves in them and the floating balls will block the mosquitoes’ path to prevent them from entering.


4. Clear dish rack trays daily

FAlways remove your dishes from dish rack trays once they are dry. Once your dishes are completely air-dried, always remove them from the dish rack trays as soon as possible. Do not wait till the trays are filled with water from the many batches of wet dishes before clearing them out. Mosquito breeding will occur on the still water collected in these trays before you know it.

5. Pay attention to potted plants

Providing tender loving care for your plants also includes caring for its soil. The next time you provide your daily dose of TLC to your beloved potted plants, do take note of the soil as well. Loosen soils of potted plants regularly so as to prevent the accumulation of stagnant waters on its surface. Hardened soils may also indicate that your plants are not absorbing enough water to keep them healthy!

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