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Doing Adventure Sports With Kids: What To Remember
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Sep 08, 2015 |

Adventure sports with the family can be a thrilling experience. However, whether you are cable skiing or going on a forest adventure, safety is essential, especially when small children are involved. Have these pointers in mind and get covered with a personal accident insurance plan to keep your adventurous brood protected during your high-octane adventures.

Keep vital information to hand

If you love adventure, you must keep vital information to hand. Make sure both you and your children wear wristbands and shoe tags that clearly display your name, an emergency number and medical details. If any of you have a history of asthma or other medical conditions that require special attention, or take specific medication, invest in a USB wristband: these can be accessed via computer and will provide emergency services with full access to your medical details, should they need to treat you.

Get them checked out

The risks associated with adventure sports differ according to the activity, however, one safety tip is universal: make sure you are in good physical health before you participate. Make sure the whole family is checked by a doctor or nurse to ensure you’re all in top condition before setting out on your sporting adventure - in Singapore, this is known as pre-participation screening (PPS), which has been specifically designed to test athletes’ physical ability to participate in sports.

Teach them to read the signs

Don’t take any chances… teach your children first aid, and how to read the signs and symptoms of concussion and dehydration – two common sports-related problems. Being prepared and knowing what they are dealing with will help them to act quicker should these problems arise.

Help them learn the numbers

Are you sure your children know the emergency numbers? Not just at home, but in the country you’re visiting? Check the list of worldwide emergency numbers here, and make the most of spare time such as the car drive to do a quick test and be reassured that they’ll be prepared to call for help should anything happen.

Preparing your children in advance, teaching them about safety and procedures, will help protect them against accidents and reduce accident-related risks when participating in adventure sports.

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