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5 Things that Make Solo Travel the Best Experience Ever
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Oct 23, 2015 |

Most of us travel with companions. However, it’s often those of us who travel solo that make plenty of new friends and come back with exciting tales from the road less travelled.


1. “My vacation, my way”

Spend as much time as we want at the beach. Or as little as we need at the museum. Oh, there’s a festival going on down the street! Why not check it out? We set our own travel agendas – and we don't even have to follow it.

And that’s probably why a TripAdvisor survey found that 60% of the women interviewed in Southeast Asia gave “the freedom to do whatever they want” as their reason for travelling solo.  

2. Boosting self-confidence

Making decisions on our own boosts self-confidence. Go solo and we’ll be doing this every day, every minute of the trip. It’s so empowering. And when things go a little haywire, take it as the start of an exciting new adventure. The sense of accomplishment and joyous satisfaction that comes with this self-confidence, is one of the most precious feelings in the world.

3. Exploring things that maybe, nobody else wants to

There’s no such thing as a majority vote, and no obligation to follow the herd. We’re in the zone of ‘me, myself and I’, free to explore every single little thing that catches our eye.

4. Self-discovery

Sometimes, travelling solo gives us the much-needed time and space to be introspective. Faced with unique challenges, we must overcome ourselves in a foreign land, and test our strength and will. We never truly realise who we are, until we take a trip alone.

5. No one’s judging

It’s the best time to try out the things we’ve always wanted to. Bungee jumping perhaps? We’ll probably feel calmer and less conscious (probably less inclined to chicken out), when we know nobody’s watching.

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