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3 Common Travel Troubles: Here’s How to Deal With Them
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Oct 15, 2015 |

Travelling can be an exciting adventure. However, there are some problems that commonly strike travellers, turning the adventure into a real nightmare. A little preparation goes a long way in helping us travel safe.

Stolen Wallets/Purses
One way to avoid losing all of our monies and important documents is to keep a decoy wallet with a small amount of local money and phoney cards. So, if we’re pick-pocketed, the loss is minimal. We should also keep important items separately and tuck them away in different locations. This way, we can’t lose everything in one shot.
If our wallets or purses do get stolen, the first thing we should do is cancel our credits cards. Next, contact the local authorities. We should keep a copy of the crime report as proof of identity.

Lost Luggage
In order to avoid losing our luggage, add an identifying mark to the bag and make it impossible for someone else to mistake it for their own. For example, tie colourful ribbons around the handles or add markings to the side of of the bag. Attaching a label with our full names and addresses on the inside and outside of the bags also helps.
Sometimes, we lose our luggage at baggage claim in the airport. But before we lodge a complaint to the airline, we should first wait patiently to see if it eventually shows up. The top reason for lost luggage is what the airline industry calls “damaged routing label.” This means that the luggage was tagged for the wrong destination, and landed in another part of the world.

Lost Passport / Travel ID
We should make it a habit to keep a digital copy our passports and travel IDs. This way, we’ll be able to prove our identities in the event that the originals are lost. Report lost IDs quickly to local authorities and file a police report. It’s best that we keep the contact details of the local Singapore Mission on us, for consular support in situations like that.
It might also be a good idea to register our trips with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), in case of trouble and especially when we travel to countries rocked by civil unrest or natural calamities.

To ensure safe travels and a smooth vacation, we shouldn’t overlook travel insurance. Trouble in a foreign land can be complicated by language barriers and administrative procedures that are unfamiliar to us. In situations like these, we could use all the help we can get. Find a suitable plan here.

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