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Work Smart With 5 Useful Time Management Tips
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Aug 21, 2015 |

According to a survey done by Morgan McKinley, it was found that in 2014, 82% of Singaporeans tend to work in excess of the hours stipulated in their contracts, which also means they often overwork themselves. This would actually lead to poor work-life balance, which then results in low life satisfaction. Time management is hence extremely crucial in preventing Singaporeans from overworking. Find out about these 5 time management tips to learn how to work smart!

1. Rise and plan!

Plan your tasks and activities first thing every morning (or even the night before).

Start your day by creating daily timelines of your tasks and activities on your mobile device or a handy scheduler that you can carry around. Familiarising yourself with your daily assignments will constantly keep you on track and be organised! Make sure to set aside some time on your timeline for leisure activities which can actually help to boost your productivity significantly!


2. Conquer the hardest task first

Completing the hardest assignment first will leave you relaxed for the others.

List out all your tasks according to their levels of difficulty and start working on the hardest one first. Take more time to concentrate on it and once you are done, you will feel more at ease for the rest of the day, allowing you to get other work done more efficiently

3. Be organised!

Productivity levels increase significantly just by being organised.

As simple as it sounds, being organised is one way you can manage your time and work better. All you need to do is to always place important documents at designated spots so that you will not waste precious time searching when you need them.

4. The art of avoidance

Avoid workplace distractions that may impede your productivity.

Distractions at work come in many forms and it is important to know how to cope or avoid them. Feel a pressing urge to check that Facebook notification? You are not alone. Log off all social media platforms unless it helps you in your work. Chatty colleagues gossiping nearby? Plug in those earphones and let the music do the job.

5. You deserve that break

Amongst all, this is probably the most important tip (and easiest to heed)! Do not hesitate to go for that break you need. Even two minutes away from your desk can improve your concentration and productivity as you take time to refresh your mind.

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