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4 Tips For A Healthier, Happier Workforce
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Aug 21, 2015 |

Paying heed to workers' health presents extensive benefits. Naturally, ill health might lead to long-term absence and high staff turnover. Within your workplace, what can you do to promote employee wellbeing, and increase productivity?

1. Make it your business

If employees don’t look after themselves, ill health and poor performance can ensue, which will impact your bottom line. According to the 2014 edition of Randstad’s World of Work Report, 23% of Singaporean employees felt unmotivated because they were being asked to do more with less. Be proactive by providing stress and wellbeing training, and where needed, arrange private therapy sessions through your medical insurer or implement an Employee Assistance program. For an easy-to-implement initiative, introduce complimentary fruit in the office!

2. Don’t be high-handed

Children falling ill, vehicle requiring a trip to the workshop, getting an appointment at the doctor’s… these are real-life situations that your employees face whilst at work. Being flexible when they have urgent problems is vital to ensure their wellbeing. However, any perception of favoritism can easily lead to resentment. While keeping the confidentiality of specific requests, make sure that the rules are clear – go over them at a staff meeting if necessary – and invite all employees to give feedback on the rules themselves, rather than on individual decisions. By demonstrating that you are open to - and respecting - their opinions and that you are willing to take extra efforts to ensure their wellbeing, you will boost their trust and ensuing productivity levels.

3. Weed out toxicity

Toxic colleagues can be destructive and devastating for morale. They can also demotivate other staff. Focus on creating a positive atmosphere by looking for areas of common ground that can bring employees together, and reward team behavior. If one particular person seems to be causing trouble, try to find out what the underlying problem is before assigning blame. Address the concern and offer to hear them out so as to eradicate any inherent issues.

4. Invest in their success

Employees like to feel that they are being appreciated, have a chance at progression in their careers, and are improving their skill sets. Introduce professional development programmes for your staff to encourage learning and growth, and demonstrate that you are invested in their success. Recognising their achievements also goes a long way in promoting employee wellbeing and productivity.

Beyond focusing on remuneration and benefits, ensuring you address the wellbeing of your employees will help create a positive working environment and protect your business to meet the challenges of today and in the long-term.

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