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A little peace goes a long way – Why a good work environment helps you retain employees
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Sep 21, 2016 |

Did you know that 7 in 10 Singaporean employees were prepared to quit their jobs if they could not get along with their manager? This shows that the relationship between employer and employee is crucially important for the success of any organisation.

Here are five tips for maintaining a good, collaborative relationship with your subordinates:

Don’t tolerate a toxic culture

It’s fine to share a joke, as long as it’s not at the expense of others. Negative gossip always breeds animosity in a group, affecting productivity and morale. Always steer clear of low-level workplace conversations that attack someone personally or are belittling. Whether it is about team members or clients, it should not be tolerated in the workplace, as it could result in more serious ramifications.

Keep yourself in check

Be aware of how your own behaviour creates the tendency for sowing discord with others. Are you being overly critical with your colleagues? Are you harsh in your interaction with team members? Knowing this will not only help you manage your behaviour, but decrease the chances of workplace conflicts.

Be approachable

Employees feel happier when they are able to communicate openly with their managers. Where there is a lack of communication, people tend to feel neglected, ignored and taken for granted.

Animosity may even arise and affect office harmony, so try to initiate conversations or check-ins with your employees to prevent this from happening further. Offer to bring your employee out for lunch or even a coffee once in a while. If you’re working somewhere that always seems to have an air of negativity, simple gestures like this will go a long way.

Be aware of other people’s needs

According to a case study on Singapore office environments, distrust and other negativities tend to arise when bosses display favouritism. In fact, the top three resentments that Singaporeans have towards their bosses includes unfair treatment due to favouritism.

This is because our need to accomplish, be rewarded fairly and be heard – especially in the office environment are not met. If you aware that your colleagues needs are not being fulfilled, make an effort to keep track of their accomplishments, and give them merit where due.

Have empathy, don’t judge

When a team member’s behaviour is starting to become disruptive, encourage that person to confide in you with gentle and supportive statements. This will give you a much deeper appreciation for where they are coming from, and help you resolve any unhappiness in a peaceful manner. Be careful not to come across as confrontational! You should not insist that they explain to you why their behaviour is disruptive. They will only become more defensive and shut you out.

Nurturing a culture of peace at the workplace might take some time, but the first step is being aware of the source of unhappiness and then making concrete plans to improve the situation.

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