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SmartCare Shield

No one expects sudden death, or accident. But you can choose the way of managing the unexpected by sharing it with AXA. So, give your loved ones a second chance.

Affordable. Flexible. Simple.

This is a highly flexible plan where you can design the benefits to suit your needs at an affordable price.

More from SmartCare Shield

  • AXA covers your outstanding revolving line of credit liabilities, renovation loan and education loan should the unfortunate happen. With our unique Loan Protector benefit, you can rest easy knowing that your family will not have to grapple with debts.
  • Enjoy Incremental Sum Insured for Death & Total Permanent Disablement by 5% every year up to a maximum of 25% of the original sum insured, provided no claim has been made during the preceding period(s) of insurance. The total increased benefit shall not exceed $500,000 per person.
  • Sign up together with your spouse and / or your children to enjoy up to 10% family discount.


Click to read / download our SmartCare Shield Brochure (PDF, 685KB).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Why is AXA Everybody's Preference?
  • Loan Protector benefit that covers your financial liabilities
  • Parent's Shield provides for their needs
  • Children's Education Fund ensures that their future is well taken care of
  • Free incremental sum insured up to 25%
  • Double indemnity against natural disaster
  • Enjoy up to 10% family discount
  • Full Terrorism cover
  • Money back guarante
  • 24 Hour world-wide coverage
  • Hotline 1800-880 4741


Free Additional Cover
  • Accidental dental treatment, insect / animal bites, dengue fever, food & drinks poisoning, amateur sports and activities
  • Disappearance
  • Hijack, riot, strike, civil commotion, murder & assault
  • Motorcycling
Table of Benefits For Permanent Disablement

This compensation scale listed below is a percentage of the sum specified under Permanent Disablement.
Description Compensation Percentage
  Scale I Scale II

Permanent Total Disablement

100% 100%
Loss of two limbs 100% 100%
Loss of both hands or of all fingers and both thumbs 100% 100%
Total and permanent loss of sight of both eyes 100% 100%
Total paralysis 100% 100%
Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden 100% 100%
Loss of hand at wrist 100% 100%
Loss of arm - at shoulder
- between shoulder and

- at and below elbow
100% 100%
Loss of leg - at hip
- between knee and hip
- below knee
100% 100%
Loss of - four fingers and thumb of
  one hand

- four fingers of one hand
Loss of thumb - both phalanges
- one phalanx
Loss of index finger - three phalanges
- two phalanges
- one phalanx
Nil 15%
Loss of middle finger - three phalanges
- two phalanges
- one phalanx
Nil 10%
Loss of little finger - three phalanges
- two phalanges
- one phalanx
Nil 10%
Loss of metacarpals - first or second (additional)
- third, fourth or fifth
Nil 3%
Loss of toes - all
- great, both phalanges
- great, one phalanx or any
  other toes
Nil 15%
Loss of hearing - both ears
- one ear
Nil 75%
Loss of speech   Nil 50%
Loss of - sight in one eye, except
  perception of light

- lens of one eye
Nil 50%



  • Permanent total loss of use of member shall be treated as total loss of member.
  • In the event of Permanent Disablement by physical loss or loss of use not specified above, the percentage of compensation shall be assessed in proportion to the degree of disability as compared with the cases specified without reference to the profession or occupation of the Insured.
  • The aggregate of all percentages payable in respect of any one accident shall not exceed 100% of the Capital Sum Insured.
  • Benefits for Temporary Total Disablement and/or Temporary Partial Disablement shall be payable up to 104 weeks only.

Annual Premium Table

Benefits Annual Premium (S$)
  For Each Amount Of Class Of Occupation
    Class I Class II Class III
Life's Essential
Accidental Death 10,000 3.10 3.70 4.70
Permanent Disablement
(Total and Partial)
SCALE I 10,000 1.50 1.80 2.30
  SCALE II 10,000 3.10 3.70 4.70
Temporary Total Disablement
(Up to 104 weeks)
100 17.10 21.70 30.20
Temporary Partial Disablement
(Up to 104 weeks)
50 10.30 13.70 18.20
Health Maintenance
Accidental Medical Expenses
  • Chinese Physician Expenses (Up to $300 per accident)

  • Accidental dental treatment, insect/animal bites, dengue fever, food & drinks poisoning (Up to $800 per occurrence)
500 11.40 13.70 17.10
  1,000 14.80 18.20 25.10
  2,000 22.80 26.30 37.70
  3,000 28.50 34.20 46.80
  4,000 34.20 41.00 54.70
  5,000 40.00 47.90 61.60
Daily Hospital Allowance
(Up to 50 days per year)
up to 500 per day
54.30 65.20 81.50
Lifestyle Maintenance
Income Protection 6 mths salary,
up to 30,000
55.00 65.00 80.00
Loan Protector Up to 3,000      
Children's Education Fund 10,000 per child,
up to 3 children
Parent's Shield 8,000
per parent
Compassionate Cash Relief 3,000      
  • Compulsory Cover: Accidental Death
  • Minimum premium for SmartCare Shield is $60 (including GST).
  • Permanent Disablement cover must be equal or up to 150% of the Sum Insured of Death benefit
  • Medical Expenses cover may be up to a maximum of 5% of Accidental Death Benefit or $5,000, whichever is lower
  • Premium quoted above are inclusive of GST and may be subject to change without prior notice
  • Maximum sum insured per child $100,000


This brochure is not a contract of insurance. For full terms and conditions, please refer to the Policy which is the operative document

Classification of Risks
Class I - Persons engaged in professional, administrative, managerial, clerical and non-manual work solely in office or similar non-hazardous places
Class II - Persons engaged in work of a supervisory nature and others not in Class I whose duties do no involve the use of tools or machinery or expose them to any special hazard
Class III - Persons engaged in manual work not of particularly hazardous nature but involving the use of tools or machinery
Referred risks - Persons working in Security Organisations, Construction Industries, Entertainment Industries, Drivers and Carpenters and Class III risks

Policy Wording

Click to read / download our SmartCare Shield Policy Wording (PDF, 657KB).



  • Adults from 18 to 65 years old (age next birthday). Policy renewable up to age 75.
  • Children from 15 days to 18 years old (age next birthday), who are unmarried and unemployed. Policy renewable up to age 25 if studying full-time in a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents of Singapore, Employment Pass Holders, Student Pass Holders, Dependant Pass Holders or Work Permit Pass Holders.
  • Employment Pass Holders, Student Pass Holders, Dependant Pass Holders or Work Permit Pass Holders must supply a copy of their respective pass or work permit and a bona fide residential address in Singapore.
  • Proposal for children must include at least one parent.

Main Exclusions

  • War, warlike perils and nuclear risks.
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injury.
  • Participation in any professional sports or dangerous activities such as parachuting, sky diving and bungee jumping (except hiking, trekking, rock climbing, winter sports, leisure scuba diving under the supervision of a qualified diving instructor and motorcycling).
  • Any kind of competitive racing (other than on foot).
  • Air crew, ship crew, professional sportsperson, occupations involved in diving, oil-rig platform; on-board vessel or offshore work, fire-fighting, police or military operations or occupations of hazardous nature such as involving height, depth or heat.

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Make the smart choice. Enrol with SmartCare Shield today! Simply complete the SmartCare Shield Application Form (PDF, 127KB) and mail it back to us.

For more information, please contact our Customer Care hotline at 1800-880 4741 or send us an email to newenquiry@axa.com.sg.


Money Back Guarantee

You'll have 14 days to review your policy from the date you receive it. If you are not satisfied, simply return the policy to us within 14 days for a full premium refund.


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