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Fine Art Insurance


ArtPLUS is AXA's high value household insurance product. In addition to providing specialized insurance for art and collectibles, it also covers buildings, general contents, jewellery & watches and personal liability. ArtPLUS is the only collections-led insurance policy available in the market. Please find here the application form (XLS, 137KB), and the standard policy wording (PDF, 1.33MB).

Private Collectors

Private Collectors is a policy aimed at art collectors who require specialist insurance for their collections worldwide. The policy provides All Risks insurance including cover for accidental damage and items temporarily removed from the collector’s premises, depreciation and defective title, pairs and sets, automatic cover for new acquisitions and emergency evacuation of the collection. Please find here the application form (DOC, 121KB), and the standard policy wording (PDF, 434KB).

Corporate Collectors

An increasing number of corporate bodies boast outstanding art collections and the art which forms them is often not covered specifically but, instead, falls under general office insurance policies. AXA Art’s Corporate Collectors product offers All Risks insurance for corporate art collections and can offer advice about security, care and value. Please find here the application form (DOC, 117KB), and the standard policy wording (PDF, 467KB).

Art Galleries

AXA Art works closely with galleries and showrooms to provide flexible, tailored policies that take into consideration the needs of specialist dealers. AXA Art can provide cover for dealer's stock whilst on the premises or temporarily removed, and at fairs or exhibitions. Please find here the application form (DOC, 1.90MB), and the standard policy wording (PDF, 456KB).


Art Exhibitions & Transit

AXA Art insure many of the large exhibitions that take place around the world. For the larger events AXA Art prides itself on the individual approach we take, using our experience and knowledge to deliver a bespoke, tailored solution that meets the needs of the specific event. We will produce a unique policy wording that reflects the individual features of the risk. Please find here the application form (DOC, 120KB), and the standard policy wording (PDF, 451KB).



Museums can take advantage of AXA Art’s specially tailored products, which offer comprehensive cover for exhibits both within the museum and when loaned for exhibitions or fairs. Please find here the application form (DOC, 168KB).

Other Areas of Expertise

In addition to the above products, AXA Art is also able to advise on and quote for specialist insurance for fine wine, Musical Instruments, Conservation and Restoration Studio Insurance Coverage. Please contact us for more information.

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